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Oh, hello! Let’s snack on some dry roasted peanuts, and some sleepy-time tea.

Episode 8

Where we left off last week:

They went back to individuals, and their original colors.

Rebecca (pink) – 223 -4 to 219. She has immunity.

Liz (brown) – 221 – 3 – 218. (below the yellow line)

Tracey (purple)- 197 – 3 to 194. She’s not happy. (is she ever??)

Allen (green) – 262 – 9 to 253. (safe)

Rudy (blue) – 341 – 9 to 332. (safe)

Amanda (pink) – 214 – 7 to 207 (safe)

Danny (brown) – 345 – 12 to 333. (safe) (97 pounds so far!)

Daniel (orange) – 272 – 11 to 261. (safe)

Shay (orange) – 402 – 9 to 393. YAY. Good for her. (safe)

Crazy went home. YAY!

This week, 2 people are supposed to go home.

We start with them all talking about how they all want to be at the finish.

They walk out to the lawn and see Sami. Sami tells them that 2 are going home. They’re all bummed. Lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below a new red line and will go home immediately. There will also still be a yellow line, and a regular elimination after that.

Pop challenge. Winner gets a 1 pound advantage at the weigh in. They are facing a wall with 50 tennis balls velcro-ed to it. They have to jump up and get the balls, and put them in a bucket. The first to put all their balls in the bucket will win. Allen is kicking ass. Shay is struggling. Rebecca is doing pretty well. Rudy is doing well. They really have to jump up to get the top row of balls. It’s down to Rebecca v. Allen. Allen wins. Rebecca is pissed. Liz couldn’t play for some reason. “Medical”.

Rebecca and Amanda want Liz below the red line. Bitchy. They are all discussing how there are 4 older people and 4 younger. It’s a lot of game play in the works. (We find out Liz has a knee issue.)

They all start telling the trainers about the red and yellow lines. B&J are freaking and reworking the workouts. Bob is shocked. And bitchy. In front of the fatties. Jill sends all the fatties away to talk to Bob. Jill is talking about Shay needing to stay. Bob is trying to not play favorites. Jill wants to focus on who needs to be here as opposed to who will do okay at home. Bob doesn’t like this but is going to go along with it. All I can say is that I’m shocked. SHOCKED! You mean this show is manipulated? It isn’t really about each fattie doing it for themself? The trainers play favorites? Shocking. *eye roll* (It’s about time the producers came clean with that.)

Rudy is hurting. Bob is being really bitchy with him. Jill is bitching at the folks on the treadmill. Danny says his hip hurts. He’s feeling lethargic. And almost collapses. Jill sends him out.  Bob is leading a spin class. This is like a last chance workout. everyone seems to be falling apart. Jill is picking on Shay who is wheezing and panting.  Jill actually just said “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Loser. OMG. Shay is crying and sweating like a faucet. Jill is telling her that she needs to stop crying and do every thing she tells her to do. Jill is pretty much ignoring any one else.

Now Jill is picking on Rebecca. Shay must be dead.  Rebecca is pushing back. She’s drained emotionally. And she stops and walks out. She’s crying on Amanda’s shoulder. They hug.

Bob goes to find Danny and tells him to get back to working out. We see pictures of young Danny with his mullet. He tells Bob that he just gave up on himself. But he’s getting his old confidence back. I like Danny. He seems like a nice man. He and Bob hug it out.

Jill pulls Shay and Rebecca out to talk to them. They are both sweating the red line. Jill is telling them it’s okay. If they go home, they know what they need to do. Eat better and exercise. Ick, Jill just said “‘nother” (as in “a whole ‘nother level.)  And Rebecca just said something about “finishing her story.” Oh, what-the-phuck-ever. Could they put MORE trite statements into one episode?

(OMG. They just showed a DOOL commercial. Sami is working with a really cute baby!)

Okay, challenge. They are at a circus. Rebecca hates clowns. They have to jump through actual hoops. They are jumping through the opponents’ hoops. Every time they go through is a point. They are out at 100 points. The last one standing gets immunity. It seems a bit of a free for all. The young fatties seem to be focusing on Liz. The older fatties want to focus on Amanda. Liz is out. Amanda will be next out. Daniel is out. Allen is out. Rebecca is out.  She’s pissed. Shay is pissed. Danny and Rudy are targeting Shay. Shay is losing her mind. Shay is out. Danny v Rudy. Danny is out. Rudy has immunity. The game play is gross.

The young ones stole two spin bikes and some medicine balls up to Shay’s room to get extra workout time, while the old ones sleep. Is it wrong for me to hope their plan backfires?

Bob comes in. Jill isn’t there for whatever reason. Bob is getting caught up on what happened. Shay is being petulant and Rudy is trying to be the bigger man. Product placement. Larabars. (I’ve had these. They are awesome!! And no sugar. Really. Try them.)

Last chance workout. Bob takes them to some studio. They are working out with trapezes with some woman named Yumi (I think).  Bob just let Shay in on the fact that they are going to do whatever they can to keep her there.  Again, SO not fair to the rest of them. They don’t seem to be working as hard, but they say they are spent at the end. Who knows.

Jill is back. and they are having yet another last chance workout. She’s taunting them and making them sweat even more. Rudy falls off the treadmill and calls it done.

Weigh in:

Rudy (blue): has immunity: 332 – 8 to 324 (2.41%) SAFE

Rebecca (pink): 219 – 10 to 209 (4.57%) SAFE

Liz (brown): 218 – 12 to 206 (5.50%) SAFE

Allen (green): has a 1 pound advantage: 253 – 10 to 243 (4.35%) SAFE

Amanda (pink): 207 – 5 to 202 (2.42%) Below yellow line.

Danny (brown): 333 – 17 to 316 (5.11%) SAFE and has lost 114 pounds in 9 weeks.

Daniel (orange): 261 – 5 to 256 (1.92%) Below the red line. He’s going home.

Shay (orange): 393 – 17 to 376. (4.33%) She’s lost 100 pounds in 9 weeks. Jill is stunned.  Below yellow line.

There are many tears and hugs. And he’s gone. He wants to get to 175.

Shay and Amanda are up for elimination. Shay is sobbing and begging to stay.  Amanda is begging to stay. And is making some good arguments.

Rebecca votes for Shay. Allen votes for Shay. Danny votes for Amanda. Liz votes for Amanda. Rudy votes for Shay.

At home updates:

Shay: wants to lose a total of 213 by finale.

Daniel: is at 239 pounds. Looks good. His loser partner from last season is still fat and still has a bad attitude.

Next week is makeover week with Tim Gunn and Tabitha.

**IDK if anyone actually reads this recap, but if so, next weeks will be posted on Wednesday. I’m going out of town and won’t be able to see it live.

Oh, hello. Come on in for some salad before the show.

Episode 7

Last week:

Blue team: Won the weigh in. Black team has to send someone home.

Liz -7  (Down 46 so far this season) Won the face off.

Rebecca -9  (Down 56 so far this season) Won the face off.

Tracey -5  (Down 41 so far this season) Won the face off.

Allen -8  (Down 63 so far this season)

Rudy -14  (Down 101 so far this season) Won the face off. Broke Dane’s record. 100 pounds in 7 weeks.

Black team:

Abby -3  (Down 46 so far this season)

Amanda -4  (Down so far this season) (Has the 2 pound advantage)

Danny -12 (Down 85 so far this season) Won the face off. Has immunity for the elimination.

Daniel -5  (Down 40 so far this season)

Shay -9  (Down 74 so far this season)

Abby went home and looks great.

This week: they are going to Washington DC. Oh, and more drama with Crazy.

WTF? Voting results interrupting the show… This sucks.

Joining the show in progress…

They are individuals again? They all go back to their original colors. Pop challenge: they have an hour to go thru DC and recruit people to do a public workout at the Washington Monument. Who ever wins gets an advantage at the Challenge. They are handing out stickers to identify their recruits. The winner team also gets fed at Subway.  They are trying to take recruits from each other.

People start gathering. Allen has recruited a bunch of firemen – they come in trucks. (Cool!)  Sami introduces the fatties. Everyone is cheering. The crowds are separated by fatty. It came down to 1 vote. Liz v Allen. Liz won. She got the most people there. Now, out come B&J. Bob is talking on the stage. Jill is in the crowd yelling at them. Picking on “total strangers”, she says. It looks like they are having fun. Liz is now taking her group to Subway. (She’s kind of annoying, IMO). Jill is there with them. I’m sure the staff at Subway is probably freaking out – a bus pulled up. (BTDub, if you would like to hear a new perspective on sandwich shops, check out my friend Clay’s blog – he makes me laugh with every post.)

Now they are going to meet members of congress, who are sitting looking suitably somber, as congress members are wont to do. (Okay, there are 2 Senators. HUGE turnout.) Daniel is telling them his story. Jill is nodding somberly. “Better health education in school curriculum”. That’s what they got out of it. (DUH! springs to mind.) Rebecca is telling her story. Tears. Oh, goat. Crazy is having her moment meeting the senators. I wonder if they will lock her up.

Sami meets them at Constitution Garden, looking like a farm-girl with pig tails. Very cute. The challenge has 4 stages. Taking place at 4 of the historic places in the city. The winner of all 4 wins immunity at the weigh in. Liz wins a pass to skip one of the stages since she won the pop-challenge. Stage 1: They have to run 1 mile around the garden. Crazy is having week 1 flashbacks and starts crying. (Of course she does). First 6 finishers go on to the next portion of the challenge. Last 3 are out.  And they’re off. Rebecca and Allen are in the lead. Crazy passes Shay at the back of the pack. Shay is walking, but is determined to finish. Showing each fatty with a flashback to week one for comparison. Rebecca finishes first, then Daniel, Allen, Amanda, Rudy, and Liz. Danny is in 7th place. Crazy will be 8th. Shay is last, but is finishing.

Stage 2. They are the Watergate steps in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial. There are 17 thousand + pennies. They have run down the steps, pick up pennies and run back up to put them in a bank. The first 4 move on. Liz sits out, so only 3 move on. Rudy is using his ginormous hands to his advantage, and is going 2 steps at a time. Rudy is kicking everyone else’s ass, due to his paw size. Daniel is going on to the next stage. It looks like down to Allen and Rebecca. Sami is FREAKING OUT! It’s kinda funny.

Back from the commercial, Sami still freaking out. Rebecca wins the final spot for the next round. Liz, Daniel, Rudy, and Rebecca now playing for immunity. Stage 3: US Capital. Balance challenge. They are going to be standing on a platform, on a narrow ledge, with a Pilates ball over their heads. Final 2 go on to the final stage. Rudy is struggling with his size 15 feet. Liz is wobbly. Daniel is wobbly – and falls off. Rudy is very wobbly. Rebecca is steady. Liz is out. Rebecca and Rudy are fighting for immunity in stage 4.

Stage 4: They are in front of the white house. 206 steps (for the number of contestants on the BL so far) onto a step aerobic step. First one to 206 wins. Rebecca has a slight lead.  Now she’s killing it.  Both are struggling.  Rebecca wins immunity. She’s giddy!!

They all find out that tomorrow they will be going on a tour of the white house. And, with that, Sami leaves. (BTDub – is it gross that I liked the song they played during stage 1? Yes, I know who sings it. DON’T JUDGE ME! *sob*)

One on one time with Bob and Amanda. Must be product placement time. Extra sugar-free gum. And we’re at the white house, and my local channel goes to election coverage. *GAH* But, I suppose, the weigh-in is the most important…

And we’re back. The fatties are at the last chance workout.  With singles, the trainers are training everyone again. We just saw Rudy carrying Jill up the stairs. (Pretty funny.) Danny’s gut is hanging out from under his shirt. Jill is focused on Crazy. (heh). BL is about changing your life – inside and out. Crazy is crying. What a shocker. She is now Jill’s biggest fan. Bob is trying to get Shay under 400 this week.  Bob and Amanda are flirting bonding. It’s kinda gross. He’s asking her about her meltdown last week. All she wanted to do then was talk to Bob. So now she is. So Bob is having her do what Jillian tried to have her do. And of course she is. That’s a big F-U to Jill, IMO. (BTDub, I hope she makes it to makeover week. I’m sick of that twisty thing she does with the front of her hair. And the black eye-liner.)

This week’s weigh in: (at the Lincoln Memorial) (Cool.)

Rebecca (pink) – 223 -4 to 219. She has immunity.

Liz (brown) – 221 – 3 – 218. (below the yellow line)

Tracey (purple)- 197 – 3 to 194. She’s not happy. (is she ever??)

Allen (green) – 262 – 9 to 253. (safe)

Rudy (blue) – 341 – 9 to 332. (safe)

Amanda (pink) – 214 – 7 to 207 (safe)

Danny (brown) – 345 – 12 to 333. (safe) (97 pounds so far!)

Daniel (orange) – 272 – 11 to 261. (safe)

Shay (orange) – 402 – 9 to 393. YAY. Good for her. (safe)

The choice is between Liz and Crazy to go home. Please goat. Let it be Crazy. They have time to discuss.  Shay doesn’t think Liz wants to be there any more. Now we hear from Crazy. Daniel asks her about her game play earlier on. Of course she tells them what they want to hear.

Voting: Amanda: Crazy;  Shay: Liz;  Danny: Crazy; Daniel: Crazy; Rebecca: Crazy; Allen: NA; Rudy: NA

WOOT!!!! CRAZY IS GOING HOME!!!!!!!! Praise Goat above!!!!! Scared as she shoots the *stinkeye* at the rest.

At home update: On the ranch, she went from 238 to 194.   She’s going home on a helicopter.  In a really ugly purple dress. Big crowd to meet her. Her husband says she is his soul mate. Read: he’s crazy too. The kids? Yep. Probably crazy. She ran the “original” mile and finished in less than 12 minutes. Now she is at 85 pounds down and is training to run a full marathon in December. I hate to say it, but she looks good.

Next week: 2 people go home.

Oh, hello! Let’s have pudding while we watch the show.

Episode 6

(I’m too lazy this week to post links to the previous weeks too, but Episode 6 links to all the other weeks, if you are even interested.)

Last week:

Blue team: Total pounds: 35  Total %: 2.65

Liz -4 to 228

Rebecca -5 to 232

Tracey -4 to 202

Allen -8 to 270

Rudy -14 to 355 (GO RUDY!! 87 pounds down so far.)

Black team: Total pounds:34  Total %:1.98

Abby -4 to 204

Dina -5 to 208

Amanda -6 to 218

Danny -15 to 357 (GO DANNY!! 73 pounds down.)

Daniel +1 to 277 (WTF??)

Shay -5 to 411

Dina went home.  This week, they are going to go head to head on the scales. What ever that means. (Editor’s note: Is it just me, or does it seem like Shay should have lost more weight by now? Usually, the fatties lose weight much more quickly. Especially that size. Granted, she is down close to 60 pounds, but still…)

Rudy is ticked off that Dina is gone. Liz is all whipped up that they voted her out.

A new morning dawns, and they come in to face Sami. They are half-way thru the season. (Thank god.)

Head to head against someone from the opposite team. The winner of the weigh in gets a point. The team with the fewest points sends someone home. Who ever wins the challenge decides who competes against whom in the weigh in. Only one player at a time, they can switch at any time, but each player only gets one turn. They have to bob under a bar and hit a disk hanging on either side. They get a point for each disk hit. First team to 500 wins. Black team switches out players really quickly. Blue team is going longer with each player. It’s down to Rebecca v Daniel down to the end. Rebecca wins for the Blue team.  Black team is pissed since they haven’t won a challenge yet. Blue team has 10 minutes to decide.  It comes down to:

Rebecca v Amanda

Tracey v Abby (shocking… Crazy had to editorialize.)

Allen v Danny

Rudy v Shay

Liz v Daniel

Pretty good matchups, IMO. It’s face-off week. They all talk smack about each other. Blah blah blah.

Bob’s team is in the pool. He’s trying to kill them in the pool. Jillian’s team is in the gym. She’s “picking” on Amanda. Amanda is sassing her. Jill is telling her that she’s stuck in being a failure. She needs to have courage. Amanda is now sitting on the treadmill and crying. Total meltdown. Jill tells her that if she quits (the treadmill) now, she is a failure. (Harsh, but kinda true. (Look at me getting all philosophical! *heh*)) Amanda walks out of the gym. Jill says under her breath “Why are these contestants so friggin difficult this season?” (Uh, yeah, ‘cuz last season they were all sunbeams and unicorns. *eye roll*)

New challenge. They are at a baseball diamond. The numbers on their jerseys represents the number of pounds they have lost so far. There are life-sized pictures of themselves in the outfield (when they first started). Derek Jeter is there virtually to tell them about the challenge.  (Aside: Shay in baseball pants? Not so much.)

2535 balls in the field. Grab a ball, throw it at a picture of an opponent. 316 hits and they are out. The winning team gets lunch made for them by Curtis Stone, and a 2 pound advantage. Abby and Tracy are sitting out.  Black team wants to get out Allen and Rebecca first.  Allen is out. Amanda is out. Rebecca is out. Daniel is out. Rudy is out.  (Aside: I kinda hate Shay.). Liz is the last one. And she’s out. Black team wins. They can use the 2 pounds either 2 for one face-off or split them so 1 pound each for 2 face-off.  Curtis is making them barbecue. (With Jennie-O turkey.) Burgers using portabello mushrooms as the bun. Hmmm…

Hour one recap. Last chance workouts. Jill is talking with Abby about what is changed for her. She actually asked Abby what it’s like to lose everything you ever loved. We hear her story. OMG, *sobbing now*. I cannot even imagine what it must have been like. My stupid problems are so small. Even Jill is moved. Abby has chosen to live. Not just exist. What a remarkable woman. Truly. She is certainly an inspiration for me. Wow.

Okay, Jillian is all up in EVERYONE’S business this week. Amanda was crying. Shay is on the floor sobbing about her mother. I know they have to get to the bottom of the issues, but dang Jill.

This week’s weigh in:

Blue team: Won the weigh in. Black team has to send someone home.

Liz -7  (Down 46 so far this season) Won the face off.

Rebecca -9  (Down 56 so far this season) Won the face off.

Tracey -5  (Down 41 so far this season) Won the face off.

Allen -8  (Down 63 so far this season)

Rudy -14  (Down 101 so far this season) Won the face off. Broke Dane’s record. 100 pounds in 7 weeks.

Black team:

Abby -3  (Down 46 so far this season)

Amanda -4  (Down so far this season) (Has the 2 pound advantage)

Danny -12 (Down 85 so far this season) Won the face off. Has immunity for the elimination.

Daniel -5  (Down 40 so far this season)

Shay -9  (Down 74 so far this season)

Black team has 20 minutes to decide who to send home. Danny is safe. Abby is volunteering to go home. (BTDub, Sami’s dress is really pretty this week.) Abby votes out Amanda. Shay votes out Abby. Amanda votes out Abby. Danny votes out Daniel. Daniel votes out Abby.  Abby is going home. Sami is going to cry!

At home update: HOLY CRAP! She looks amazing! She’s doing public speaking. She gives me chills. She’s down 80 pounds. She’s hot!

Next week: they are going to Washington DC. Oh, and more drama with Crazy.

Oh, hello. Have a Skinny Cow.

I know I already posted today. But I just tried this recipe and wanted to share it with you.


Low Cal Chicken Cordon Bleu

4 5oz boneless, skinless chicken breasts

4 wedges Laughing Cow cheese, garlic and herb

12 slices ham

Salt and Pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place chicken in sealed bag. Use meat tenderizer to pound chicken to 1/4″ thick. Season with sale and pepper on both sides.

Lay chicken flat; spread cheese wedge over it. Layer 3 slices ham. Roll chicken tightly, secure with toothpicks.

Bake in baking dish lines with foil. Cover with foil and bake 20 minutes. Uncover and bake another 15 minutes.


It was pretty darn tasty. I wouldn’t use salt next time because the ham is pretty salty already. I used the thin sliced ham from the deli section of the supermarket. But this will become a new dinner for me.

Try it.

Oh, hello! We’re having saltines with fluff. Sounds odd, but the salty + sweet = YUM!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Where we left off last week:

Amanda -5 and Rebecca -7 (Amanda counts) (2.08%)

Daniel -6 and Shay -6 (Shay counts) (1.35%)

Allen -4  and Abby -5 (they have immunity)

Rudy -12 and Dina -3 (Rudy counts – he’s in the 300s!) (3.00%)

Antoine -11 and Sean -6 (Sean counts) (1.46%)

Liz -4 and Danny -4 (Liz counts) (1.62%)

Julio -7 (1.87%)

Mo -1 and Tracey -11 (Tracey counts) (5.26%)

Red team, Antoine and Sean went home and have done really well. Everyone hates Tracey. (Including me.) And the previews showed that she gets hurt this week. I know I shouldn’t celebrate an injury, but…. *heh*

Recap of week three. Replaying all the reason’s everyone hates Tracey and how she screwed everyone last week. Shay is blaming both purple. Dude! Mo didn’t do anything!!! Snatch.

B&J are counseling the fatties to stay for themselves. Crazy eyes has to meet with the Doc about getting to exercise. The rest are working out with Bob – weights. Now onto cardio.  Bob is talking to Miss America. Jillian is talking to Julio. “Why are you so fat??” “Have you ever been good enough? Have you ever excelled?” He knows food. He’s obsessed with food. (His words, not mine. But he was 407 pounds. Just saying…) The only failure you will ever have is not trying. ~Jillian. Very deep.

Crazy eyes is with the Doc. Blood tests every three days so far. (Holy crap!) High levels of CPK – muscle damaging. She’s shut down. No exercise. No walking. No swimming. (WOW!) She crying. She doesn’t want to go home. Whatev. Now she’s going to break the news to Mo. The Doc doesn’t want her to lose any weight at all. (Um, he didn’t say that.) Mo is being kind. And now he has to pick up her slack. Again.

They all walk into a kitchen. Sami is there. The cupboards and fridges are chained and locked. For 7 days. They have to order out every single meal. Tough love, fatties. Order good stuff, just like in the real world. Challenge. 3 Choices for dinner. The team that makes the healthiest choice wins a kitchen stocked with healthy food for a year. Shay says – I work 3 jobs. I need this. (Yeah, witch. So does everyone.) They each have a chance and are grilling Sami. Half pick A, half pick C. A was healthiest. Brown, Orange and Pink are all up for the free food. One last question. Pink wins. Shay looks pissed. Shocking.

Product Placement: The Biggest Loser Simple Swaps book. Things you can swap at restaurants. Kinda cool. $13 at Amazon. Blue guy and Brown chick went to get the food. None of them got what they ordered. Brown guy is mad. Jillian tells us to swap mashed taters for cauliflower. Um, how ’bout, no. I like both, but no comparison.

Trainers are just finding out about the take out meals. Natch, Jillian is pissed. (Quick product placement with Extra Sugar-free gum). B&J are going to take them all out for a meal to show them how to eat. J has some tough ass boots on that makes me fear her even more. They are at a Mexican restaurant. They say no thank you to the free chips and salsa. J is dogging one of the pink chicks and has made her cry – but still not good enough for J.”What is your purpose for changing?” (Day-um! J is being very deep tonight!) B is chiming in now too. They are told to order water. Shay sent her meal back to get it fixed. I’m sure she’s getting back a spit meal. J is analyzing Miss America’s meal. Whew! That’s over.

Here’s Bob with a tip, in his “Hi, I’m gay!” rainbow striped shirt. Telling us all to be a PITA at restaurants – think “When Harry Met Sally” and how Sally ordered stuff. Expect spit.

They’re having a challenge – something on water. They are playing for immunity. Grab a handlebar, hang on as long as you can. Platform keeps getting steeper.  Abby and Crazy eyes aren’t competing. (I am so sick of Shay always getting her comment in.) Brown chick is out. Brown guy is out. Miss America is out. Blue guy is out. Pink is out. Blue chick is out. Mo is out. Shay is out. Julio is out. It’s down to Green guy and Orange guy. (I’ll get their names eventually.)

Recap of hour one. And now back to the challenge.  Green is out. Orange won immunity. Back to the gym. Last chance workout. B has them on treadmills. J is working with Blue guy. I guess his name is Rudy. She’s yelling at him. Natch. (He’s like a giant next to her. Heh.) She isn’t letting him put the kettlebells down. B is now picking on pink team. B has them jumping onto those benches like he does every year. And here is Crazy eyes sitting in the kitchen. Whining. Mo is working his butt off. (GO MO). Mo is hurt. Lower back. Trying to do too much.

Bob think Mo is wussing out. Panicking. Bob wants to know if he wants to go home. He’s thought about it. Bob is giving him an hour to rest and then try the bike. And he goes back into the gym. They are all happy for him. He’s pushing himself.

Walking to the weigh in. They are all saying how hard it has been with the eating out.

This week’s weigh in:

Amanda -5 to 230 and Rebecca -4 to 244 (1.86%)

Daniel -0 to 287 and Shay -5 to 432 (they have immunity) (.69%) (B thinks Daniel is game-playing)

Allen -7 to 285  and Abby -3 to 213 (1.97%)

Rudy -11 to 377 and Dina -5 to 229 (65 in four weeks, Rudy?!?! Holy crap!) (2.57%)

Liz -3 to 240 and Danny -8 to 382 (1.74%)

Julio -4 to 364 (1.09%)

Mo -8 to 318 and Tracey -4 to 213 (Crazy eyes gave excuses before she even weighed in.) (2.21%)

Brown and Black are up for elimination. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth while they decide who to vote out. They all think Liz would vote them out with no problem.

Orange votes Black out.

Blue votes Brown out.

Green votes Black out.

Purple votes Black out.

Julio is going home. Much crying and hugging. At home, he’s at 299. (He started at 407.) Still cooking. Lots of local organic food. The wife is being very supportive. He looks good. He wants to be at 200 by the finale.

Next week: blue v black. Golden ticket winner picks teams.

Oh, hello! We’re having sangria tonight. Not really diet friendly, but we’re not really on the show. So? Tough noogies.

episode 1

episode 2

Where we ended:

Amanda -4 and Rebecca -6

Daniel -7 and Shay -16

Allen -10  and Abby -11

Rudy -14 and Dina -8

Antoine -8 and Sean -11

Liz -10 and Danny -12

Julio -19

Mo -9 and Tracey -10

No one went home.

Start off with Sami offering the contestants a choice. Would you rather have the trainers or an advantage at the weigh in. Choices by team. Advantage (2 pounds) goes to 1 team – whichever chooses first. Purple team took it. Well, purple chick took it. Mo is pissed!! Kinda hating purple chick right now.

B&J comes in. Purple chick is so going to throw Mo under the bus. Biznatch! B&J are pissed now too. Purple chick is crying. They are telling her what’s what. Mo is the one who loses. She’s blaming fear. She thinks it’s a big friggin joke!

Abby (green chick) has a stress fracture. She can swim. No land exercises. No weight on it. She’s crying but is determined to not give up. Gotta give her props. Another obstacle and she isn’t giving up. I can’t hate her. Bob is giving her a little pep talk and going on about nutrition. Oops. Product placement. Yogurt.

Temptation. Would you rather control your diet or control the game. Phucking purple chick wants to control the game of course. Whoever wins the challenge determines which team member controls the weigh in – only one person from each team will represent the team on the scale. Who ever eats more cupcakes, wins the challenge. Red dude ate one. Purple chick is dying to. And she’s eating. And eating. Purple chick is still eating.  She ate 4 cupcakes. Red dude ate 2. She won. I hate her. If Mo goes home because of this snatch, I’m going to be PISSED!! Jill is PISSED!!! And she has a right to be. Purple chick is taking it as a joke.

Workouts beginning. Mo is watching what everyone else is doing and copying them when they are done. Good for him. Brown dude is playing with the ginormous tire. Jillian is laughing at him.

(I’m leaving out all the references to commercials this time because, OMGoat, there are too many of them.)

They are in a field. Sami has a cowboy hat on. There is a huge incline, and 25 pound buckets, or small 5 pound buckets. They have to bring the buckets up, and get 500 pounds to win. Abby and Tracey are hurt, so they are sitting out. Their teammates are on their own and only have to do 250 pounds. Orange, Brown, Red, and Black are all doing the 25 pounds. The rest are doing 2 of 5 pounds. It’s between pink and green at this point. Green won. They have immunity. Yay, Green. Pink is in second. Brown is going to finish. Blue is on the way to finishing. Orange is finishing. Red is running up to finish. They all went over and helped Mo finish. They were showing him that he didn’t have to do it alone. Get rid of Mo’s “partner” and this cast kicks ass!!

Last chance workouts. Shay seems to be “getting” it. Cartman seems to “get” it. Blue chick is whining. Jill is yelling at her. She’s running. And made it. Bob is dogging Pink blond chick. She whined. Then did it anyway.

Oh, now Purple chick is all stressed about who to pick. It is ALL about game-play with this hag. Jillian is going off!! *snort*. Everyone is looking around like “Uh-oh! Momma’s getting mad!!”

Purple chick has totally phucked EVERYONE over this week.

Tonight’s weigh-in:

Amanda -5 and Rebecca -7 (Amanda counts) (2.08%)

Daniel -6 and Shay -6 (Shay counts) (1.35%)

Allen -4  and Abby -5 (they have immunity)

Rudy -12 and Dina -3 (Rudy counts – he’s in the 300s!) (3.00%)

Antoine -11 and Sean -6 (Sean counts) (1.46%)

Liz -4 and Danny -4 (Liz counts) (1.62%)

Julio -7 (1.87%)

Mo -1 and Tracey -11 (Tracey counts) (5.26%)

Goat bless Mo for still being a good man.

Two teams go below yellow line and one team will go home. Orange is below the yellow line. Red is below the yellow line.  Shay is losing it. She doesn’t think she will make it at home. Red dude is trying to be good. Both Red dudes are agreeing to self-sacrifice for the benefit of Orange. They are both being so amazing. Shay really appreciates this, I think. I really like how this cast seems to be really supporting each other, and they are all (except Tracey) there for the right  reasons. V v cool.

Black voted Red to go.

Green voted Red to go.

Pink voted Red to go.

Purple voted Red to go. (She’s making excuses again. Hate. Bitch makes me stabby.)

Red team – OUT. 😦

AT home update: Antoine is down 105!!! He and Alexandra are together. They seem happy and in love. Sean is down 120 pounds!! He’s running. It’s so cool. Mrs. Sean is pregnant with a little girl that they are going to name Jillian. They both look great!

Next week? Purple chick gets injured. Coincidence or karma?

Oh, hello! Come in and have a Caramelized Apple Tart* and some coffee.

My rant today is about the media. And all the time that is wasted on stupid stuff.

Do any of us REALLY care about Jon and Kate? About her new stupid hair-do? About his girlfriend? What about Misha Barton having a meltdown? Or how much the First Lady’s sneakers cost?

I freely admit that I look at the headlines on the tabloids. I even buy a People magazine on occasion. (I used to subscribe, but thought it was a waste of money for something that could be read in about 10 minutes.) I am not “above” reading about celebrity crap.

But OMGoat! Enough! Give us the “big” stories – who is getting married/divorced, who had a baby, who died. I don’t need to know about every time Kate Hudson goes to a baseball game. Or Lindsey Lohan goes shopping. Or Matthew McConahay goes running. There has to be something more important going on in the world than the fact that Kanye pulled another assholish move and dissed Taylor Swift. Let me think… OH! that’s right! There’s a friggin war in Afghanistan (among other places) and we (Americans, among other countries) have troops (sons, daughters, husbands, wives, parents) there.

And as far as the President goes? The complaining about him screwing up the country started BEFORE he even took office. Really? Can the complainers see into the future?? And where can I buy that skill? Like him or hate him, agree with him or don’t, but Judas H. Priest! Give the guy a fair chance to phuck everything up before you burn him in effigy! I would expect that of ANY president, regardless of the political party to which they belong. And to sit and analyze EVERY SINGLE THING HE DOES – mostly on the stuff not “Oh, by the way, I’m running the country” related, is childish and petty. Analyze the big decisions. Call your Congress and Senate representatives about that stuff. Don’t bitch because the First Family is wealthy and Mrs. Obama can afford, and chooses to wear, $500 sneakers. I may think it’s stupid to pay that much too, but if she has the money and wants them? LET HER.

Jesus Christ. Move on. Let’s get out of the weeds and focus on the big issues. There are plenty of wonderful charities doing great works all over the planet. Find out more about them. Read to the elderly. Teach someone to read. Go for a walk. But, please. Just stop with the inane blathering of all things inconsequential. There’s too much noise in the world already. Maybe we can help quiet it.



*Recipe for tarts:


2 boxes pre-cut pastry shells  


1 box no bake cheesecake  


1 cup dark brown sugar  


1/2 cup butter  


4-5 apples, thinly sliced  


3 tablespoons heavy whipping cream  



How to Prepare:
If using pastry sheets, lay out and cut into 4” circles. Lay pastry circles on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for 18 minutes, until lightly browned. Let cool then cut in half horizontally. Prepare cheesecake mix as listed on box and set aside. Melt butter with sugar in sauce pan on med-low heat. Add half of the apples to sugar mixture and cook for approx 8-10 minutes, until apples are tender. Remove apples and set aside. Repeat with remaining apples. Save 1/3 cup sugar mixture and discard remaining. Heat the 1/3 cup sugar mixture with cream on low heat for approx 3 minutes. Let cool.

Take one pastry shell (half), layer on cheesecake, add 3-4 apple slices, then drizzle with caramel.

Prep Time: 10 minutes 
Cook Time: 20 minutes