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Monthly Archives: April 2014

So I found out at the end of last week that I have been accepted into a 10-day meditation retreat. Here’s a link to where I’m going:

When I first found out, I was ridiculously excited. “I want to go NOW!!!” 

Then I started to look around the inter-webs to see what other people experienced. I’m a little terrified now. I know it is different for everyone. And I know it will be hard. So now I’m excited and terrified and anxious and afraid. 

My big fear? Food. Because, of course it is. We get breakfast at 6:30am and lunch at 11am. Supper? Yeah, that would be tea and fruit. I’m afraid I am going to starve to death. Food is one thing that none of the posts about similar events mentions outright. They say things like “food becomes less important” or something like that. 

Maybe I can sneak something in…