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Oh, hello! Fruit tonight: pomegranate, orange, apples.

Episode 10

Last week:

Weigh in:

Rudy (blue): 324 – 16 to 308 (!!!) (134 pounds total – BL record of most weight lost in 10 weeks) (4.94%) SAFE

Rebecca (pink): 209 – 3 to 206 (73 pounds total) She’s upset. (1.44%) Below the line.

Liz (brown): 206 – 3 to 203 (64 pounds total) (1.46%) Below the line.

Alan (green): 243 – 5 to 238 (87 pounds total) (2.06%) SAFE

Amanda (pink): 202 – 9 to 193 (57 pounds total) She’s thrilled. Bob is thrilled. (4.46%) SAFE

Danny (brown): 316 – 12 to 304 (126 pounds total) (3.80%) SAFE

Rebecca went home. She looks good. Oh, and she’s in love with Daniel.

This week: Suze Orman is going to be there.

We start out with a recap of last week’s eviction. They all know that this is the final week on campus and they can’t start slacking now. B&J show up, and are not surprised. Jill said that Rudy is lying and that the reason he sent her home is that she is the biggest threat. He said that he would say it if it were true. I tend to agree with him. I get the impression that the trainers and the fatties are all sick of each other. I can say that I’m sick of all of them.

Bob has Rudy doing the weights that he did the first week. He’s laughing at how easy it is. Now he’s on to Danny doing the same thing. It’s funny to watch. Each in turn is going thru the same things. The changes are amazing. And dare I say… inspirational? Yep.

Sami comes in to talk to them about the final week. And going home and finding a balance. In comes Suze Orman, the financial advisor. There is a connection between health and wealth. Obesity is an expensive disease.  She is meeting one on one now. Alan is going to call his insurance agent to get his premium reduced. They charged him more for being overweight. Rudy is getting advice on checking credit reports. Liz is being told how to handle money related issues within her marriage.  (Unseen footage from her visit can be seen on her show, Saturday, 9pm on CNBC).

The fatties go to the gym, where Sami and Suze are waiting for them. Treadmills are lined up, in order to play a game. They are not competing against each other. They have to answer questions. For every one they get correct, $1000 will be invested in an account for them at TD Ameritrade. Wow. That’s cool! Incorrect answers mean one level faster and one level higher on the treadmills.  Question 1: How much less do obese employees make in one year? Answer: $7000. They all got it correct.  Question 2: How much can a family save in a year swapping one meal out for one at home every day? Answer: $8760. (Holy crap!!) All but Amanda got it correct. Question 3: How  much do Americans spend on gastric bypass surgery every year? Answer: $4.4 BILLION (Again, holy crap!!) Alan got it correct. Everyone else was wrong. Question 4: How much do Americans spend on obesity-related health issues every year. Answer: $147 Billion. Everyone got it right. Question 5: How much money will you save over 40 years by going from obese to your ideal weight. Answer: 1 million. Everyone but Alan got it right.

The next day, Jill walks in to talk with Danny and Alan about how they are feeling about going home. Cheerios product placement.

At the gym. Amanda is feeling alone. Rudy is targeting Danny this week. Alan is feeling like he just wants to finish. Bob comes in and talks to them as to how they have changed and will they succeed? Danny is scared. They are all crying.  Amanda is talking to Bob outside about how they bonded and love each other. It makes me a little sick.

Liz and Danny are talking about how they have been a team and partners together. They helped each other and pushed each other. Sweet. And a little icky.

Challenge time. They are at a football stadium with the amount of weight they have lost to date on their jerseys. They have to carry the amount of weight they lost. There are footballs that weigh what they each lost each of the 10 weeks. (i.e. Rudy’s first week, he lost 28 pounds. His first football weighs 28 pounds.) They have to carry the weights down the field and put the corresponding football on the week marker. The first one done wins 2 tickets to the 2010 NFL probowl.  Special guest is Rod Woodson. (IDK who that is…) They all seem excited. Rod throws in a prize of $5000 of athletic equipment to the school of their choice.  They pick up their first football and have to walk all the way down the field to the week 1 stand. They put the football down and run back to the beginning. On to the next one. Alan is winning. Rudy and Amanda are right behind him. Alan wins. Rudy is second. Amanda is third. Liz is fourth. Danny finishes strong.

Danny wrote a song. Played it for everyone. Lots of recapping of previous weeks. Again. It was a little awkward to watch. But sweet too, I suppose.

Tomorrow night, there is a “where are they now” show with former contestants to see who kept if off and who gained it all back. FUN!

Subway product placement.

Last chance workouts. Beatings. Sweat. Explanations of what the last chance workout is. (Really??) Yelling. All taking about making it to the final four. Jeepers. Liz is crying again.

Winner of the weigh in also gets Curtis Stone going to their home to teach them how to cook.

Weigh in:

Rudy: 308 – 12 to 296. (3.9%) (33.03% total) SAFE

Liz: 203 – 5 to 198. (2.46%) (25.84% total) below the line

Alan: 238 – 8 to 230. (3.36%) (29.23% total) below the line

Amanda: 193 – 7 to 186. (3.63%) (25.6% total) SAFE

Danny: 304 –16 to 288. Double digit losses 7 weeks in a row.(5.26%) (33.02% total) SAFE

Danny gets the Curtis Stone win.  Amanda is the swing/deciding vote this week. Danny will vote to keep Liz. Rudy will vote to keep Alan. Much begging and pleading. Alan pulls Amanda aside to plead his case and plays the “Liz voted against you before” card.

Voting: Danny votes for Alan; Rudy votes for Liz; Amanda votes for Alan. Alan is going home. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

At home update: Big crowd meets Alan at the fire station. That’s nice. He’s wanting to help others lose weight now. He’s lost another 10 pounds. Works out with his wife.

Next week: final four.

Tomorrow night, remember, is the where are they now show. One former winner has gained all “his” weight back.



Oh, hello! Help yourself to some hot wings and fries. Good stuff.

I had to force myself to not do the ugly cry tonight.

Almost three years ago, Madam X started to not feel well. We didn’t know what was going on, but she kept getting worse. She was tired all the time, her spleen was enlarged, her mental faculties were diminishing. She was gray. There’s no other way to accurately describe how she looked.

After six months or so of living like this and slowly deteriorating, Madam X was taken into the hospital emergency room. Her spleen was of a size that warranted immediate surgery. Since so much blood had been diverted to her spleen, she wasn’t able to think clearly. That explained her inability to think clearly and remember things and walk more than a block without needing to sit down. While they were in there, digging around, they found out that Madam X has cancer. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

During that time, Madam X and Mister Y were in the process of selling the house in which they had lived for more than 40 years. They were moving into a smaller house that was newer and more manageable. There was a lot going on. Madam X was going through chemo, moving,. Everyone was completely stressed. Luckily, the cancer was caught early enough that radiation wasn’t needed in addition to the chemo. We were all really hopeful.

After the chemo, Madam X went into remission. She recovered slowly, but we were convinced that it was a blip on the radar. Every checkup seemed to be a reaffirmation of this, as the blood tests showed that all counts were good and this vile disease was being defeated.

This past summer, Madam X started to not feel good again. She was tired all the time. She didn’t want to go to the doctor until her regularly scheduled checkup, despite me begging her to do so. I think she knew, better than anyone, what the results were going to be. I should have known. So, in September, when she should have found out that, yet again, she was clear, she instead found out that the cancer is back.

Her doctor seemed to be optimistic and encouraging. Chemo was scheduled for every three weeks for 6 courses. The doctor said this was going to take care of it. I’ve been watching Madam X during all of this and I see that she’s not recovering as well this time. She remains tired all the time. She is certainly not bouncing back as quickly. I can feel my heart breaking.

Thanksgiving is coming up. Madam X does not want to, or can’t, do such an event. Her daughter suggested that we all go out for dinner instead. But even that seems like too much for Madam X. The last time I spoke with her daughter, she callously shot off a “She probably won’t be alive for it next year, so we should do something.”

(Pausing for the ugly cry now…. brb…)

I’m back.

So ever since, that statement has been on my mind. I asked Madam X’s son if he thought that statement was accurate too. He said that he didn’t think it would be that soon, but that it was coming. Hence, the ugly cry.

I love Madam X more than anyone else on the planet. She has been there for me through everything – good, bad, or indifferent. She has been an inspiration. She has been my cheerleader, my leveler, my hero, and my friend.

I know that, at 42, I am of an age where people in my life will be getting sick and/or dying. But in this situation, I feel like I am 12. I should be mature enough to handle this. Of course I will be sad. Of course it will hurt. But do I need to have a complete meltdown at just the THOUGHT of this person not being in my life? People die all the time, and their loved ones go on. They go on with life, with love, with living. They don’t lose their sh*t.

I don’t want to hurry this process along, but how am I going to deal with this brilliant, lovely, loving woman not being in my life? I need to find a way to hold it together the next time I see her, the next time we get together for breakfast. I mean, if I am this much of a mess as a result of some off-hand, snotty remark by Madam X’s daughter, what will I do when the real thing happens?

I am angry and sad and I know that it is completely unfair that this woman is sick. She has worked hard her entire life. She has given everything to her family and her children. She never asks for anything in return. She is kind, and loving, and sweet, and (normally) full of life.

Tonight, this is my struggle. This is my challenge. This is my reason for sobbing.

Madam X deserves better. She deserves to reach the end of her life surrounded by joy and beauty and love. She doesn’t deserve to have this horrible disease get the best of her.

Madam X, I love you and I want you to get better. And if fate is cruel and doesn’t allow that to happen, I want you to know that you will be with me forever – as a constant reminder of how to live, as a good and true person. I can only hope to, one day, be a fraction of the woman you are.

Oh, hello! Whole wheat pasta with red sauce tonight. Dig in!

Episode 9

Before I start with last night’s update, did you know??? Daniel? and Rebecca? DATING. Yep. She’s the girlfriend that he alluded to. I’ll give you a moment to digest that…

Last week:

Weigh in:

Rudy (blue): has immunity: 332 – 8 to 324 (2.41%) SAFE

Rebecca (pink): 219 – 10 to 209 (4.57%) SAFE

Liz (brown): 218 – 12 to 206 (5.50%) SAFE

Allen (green): has a 1 pound advantage: 253 – 10 to 243 (4.35%) SAFE

Amanda (pink): 207 – 5 to 202 (2.42%) Below yellow line.

Danny (brown): 333 – 17 to 316 (5.11%) SAFE and has lost 114 pounds in 9 weeks.

Daniel (orange): 261 – 5 to 256 (1.92%) Below the red line. He’s going home.

Shay (orange): 393 – 17 to 376. (4.33%) She’s lost 100 pounds in 9 weeks. Jill is stunned.  Below yellow line.

Both Shay and Daniel went home. We saw him as an update but  not her. BTW? Daniel and Rebecca? Yep. Together.

This week? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It’s makeover week!!!!!!! And you know what that means??? TGIF! Tim Gunn Is Fabulous!!!! SQUEE!!!!!

We open with a limo driving up. Sami is all dressed up. She’s telling them about giving a speech to a crowd.  Then she opens the limo door and Tim Gunn comes out. (LOVE!!!) and Tabitha Coffey from Tabitha’s Salon Takeover is here too!!! SQUEE!!!!!!! TG is taking them to a suite at some hotel for clothing and Tab is taking them to some salon in West Hollywood.

Liz is first. TG shows her some clothes. Liz is talking about her speech and how she’s going to talk to women taking time for themselves. Her goal? To look fabulous.

Rudy is next. Looking at suits, but he prefers jeans and a t-shirt. (Way to go out on a limb there, Moose.) TG is trying to talk him in to a blazer to snazz up the jeans. Rudy’s not buying that. Tab is trying to get him to shave the beard. She’s bad-ass, so she will win.

Rebecca is next. TG shows her an animal print. (Sorry. Can’t stop picturing her with Daniel. Kinda gagging a little bit.) TG asks her about her speech. She cries about being able to shop now. She tells TG to not cover her all up. Flash to her with Tab. Tab wants to take her to short hair.

Amanda is shown getting her hair cut. Didn’t see her with the clothes.

The boys are all talking about their speeches – their struggles in everyday life, the reasons for being on the BL.

We don’t see all the hair and clothing being done. Then we’re at the night of the speech. We see Rebecca with her short hair. It’s cute. It looks good on her. It is, however, VERY similar to Ali – the first female winner.  She’s freaking out. She comes around the corner and is in a black dress, sky-scraper heels. She looks really good. It’s not a jaw-dropping transformation, but it’s good.  TG is telling her she’s got 300 people waiting to be inspired by her. (Nice…that’s so evil! I love it.) But he has one last surprise. He turns her around… she screams like she’s being killed…. and it’s…. a commercial. It’s her sister. They hug and cry. Her sister is tiny. And very pretty.

Danny walks around the corner. I couldn’t figure out initially if it was him or Rudy. His hair is darker. He’s in jeans, a woven shirt and a sweater vest. He looks MUCH younger. He’s excited for the speech, can’t wait to get out there. TG turns him around to see his family. He’s shocked. And crying. His wife is psyched.

Alan comes out in a gray suit. He looks very nice. His wife and daughter are there. She is pretty. (That’s it for Alan. Wow, did he get short-changed on the makeover segment!!)

Amanda still has blond hair. It’s about shoulder length. She has on a bright royal blue blouse and black pants. (She should have gone with a dress, IMO.) Her mom is there. Much hugging and smiling.

Rudy comes out with jeans, a woven shirt, and a brown jacket on. I’m sorry, the dude is huge! Not fat huge. But he’s just a big guy! He looks good. His hair is shorter and the beard is gone. Thank goat. He looks much younger and much thinner. His wife and kids are there. His daughter is cute.

Liz is in an animal print dress. Her hair is a soft blond and has been shaped and shortened. I have to say that her transformation (for this makeover show) has been the most dramatic. Her husband and daughter are there. She looks so good.

Sami is all fancy in a silvery dress. Sexy! This is the BL/TV Guide magazine makeover. (What happened to Prevention magazine? Curious.)

Danny comes out: the crowd goes wild. Then Liz. Then Rudy. Then Amanda. Then Rebecca. Then Alan. They all get standing ovations. They are all grinning and confident and crying. (They showed Bob’s reaction to Amanda only. That whole thing creeps me out for some reason. IDK why.)

Alan goes first. He’s talking about his life as a firefighter and how he couldn’t save people before. He felt like he was a liability to his company.*sob*

Danny started with a weight problem early on. His turning point was when his daughter said to him “Daddy, I wanna have a belly just like you.” She is the one who made him want to turn his life around. *sob* The daughter interviews that she loves him so much and she can’t wait to go on her journey. *sob sob*

Rudy tells the story of him at 12 with his sister being diagnosed with cancer. They show Jill in the audience, looking horrified, and being shocked that she didn’t know about it. She is, of course, pissed that he didn’t tell her. Um, yeah, Jill, because it’s about you. I mean, I get it, but still… FOCUS! Back to Rudy – before his sister died, she told him that he’s going to have to make a change for himself because he’s good-looking and likeable. *sob* Seriously. Could they give us a warning?? He’s like a gentle giant.

Amanda is next. She admits that she didn’t have an “event” that caused her to gain weight. She just always saw herself as big and she became that.

On to Rebecca. She has always been the chubby friend. The chubby sister.

Now Liz. (Way to cut Rebecca short. Seriously, that’s all they let her say.) Liz woke up one day and knew she was fat. She blamed everything and everyone else. The dryer shrunk her clothes. She would watch BL while eating ice cream. (Is that bad??) She lost herself. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

They keep showing the fatties in the audience as the contestants are speaking. It’s kinda funny.  They did a good job with the speeches. Very inspirational. Really.  Amanda thinks the makeover was the best thing they did on the ranch so far. Um, really, Amanda? Going to Washington? Cooking in the White House? Losing weight? Not as good? Glad you have the right mindset there.

And it’s challenge time. Back to reality. They are going to hang on a wire and cross a canyon using a pulley to get them there. 700 feet.  The winner gets a 2 week stay at the BL resort in Utah for them and their family. They all get geared up, in helmets and harnesses. Liz is freaking out to the point of being annoying. Danny is giggling at her. (HEE!) And they’re off. Rudy is in the lead. Liz is doing this with her eyes closed. Amanda is trying to catch Rudy. Rudy wins. Amanda is second. Then Alan. Then Rebecca. Then Danny. Liz is last, but she’s glad she finished. The finish platform has pictures of the “old” them on it. They get to ceremonially unveil the “new” them by rolling out new pictures of themselves. Cool.

B&J are finding out about the results of the challenge. Then, it’s last chance workout time. Bob holds Alan back and Jill takes the rest of them to the gym. Bob wants to know why Alan isn’t winning the challenges like he should be. He says he’s “playing the game” some so that he seems like less of a threat to the others. He wants to stay so he’s staying under the radar. Bob is okay with that.

Last chance workout. All day workout. Lots of sweat. Lots of grunting. Jill is pissed at Rudy for not mentioning his sister. Calls him out. He’s a private person and didn’t think he needed to talk about it. She takes him outside and he’s telling her the story as he’s carrying a heavy bag.  She gets him to admit that he keeps all his problems inside. (Breakthrough!!)

No red line this week. Back to yellow line.

Weigh in:

Rudy (blue): 324 – 16 to 308 (!!!) (134 pounds total – BL record of most weight lost in 10 weeks) (4.94%) SAFE

Rebecca (pink): 209 – 3 to 206 (73 pounds total) She’s upset. (1.44%) Below the line.

Liz (brown): 206 – 3 to 203 (64 pounds total) (1.46%) Below the line.

Alan (green): 243 – 5 to 238 (87 pounds total) (2.06%) SAFE

Amanda (pink): 202 – 9 to 193 (57 pounds total) She’s thrilled. Bob is thrilled. (4.46%) SAFE

Danny (brown): 316 – 12 to 304 (126 pounds total) (3.80%) SAFE

Deliberations: Liz wants to know who is going to push them more. Rebecca asks to speak to Rudy and Alan alone. Alan tells Liz to get some fight to stay. Rebecca is begging stay. She’s saying that Liz has been below the line and has had her second chance and now wants her second chance. Liz goes to see Rudy and Alan to fight. She’s playing the “I’m old” card. (She’s only 49! Not 99! I’m sick of the “I’m old” bit.)


Amanda: Liz; Danny: Rebecca; Rudy: Rebecca. If there was a tie, Rebecca has the lowest percentage of weight loss, so she would go home. Rudy said he voted for Rebecca because he couldn’t trust her. She’s getting all snarly back. She said that fighting with Rudy is worse than going home.

At home update: She started at 279. Her family is all there to greet her. She’s going through her closet and getting rid of everything. She’s running a half marathon. She’s now down 107 pounds. She looks really good! Skinny mini. She wants to be the at home winner and wants to eventually open a gym for over-weight kids.

Oh, hello! Chicken and veggie tacos tonight. Soft shells. So good. Eat up.

Something was brought to my attention today. I just told you about the fabulous t-shirts you can get over at and that site was created by Mr. Meg, aka my coworker, Frank. Turns out, if you tell someone that you are going to hype his wife’s business on your blog, they check it out to make sure you don’t say something bad. Whoopsie!

Well, despite the fact that in that post, I told Frank to NOT read anything else, Mr. Nosey-parker did. (Giving Frank the *stinkeye*). It was there he found out that I referred to him as Frank, the napkin dispenser filler. (Jeez. It’s his job. What am I supposed to do? Lie?) RUDE.

Then Frank pointed out that I didn’t introduce the whole team of freaks with whom I work at the Gas ‘n Stuff.  I thought I wouldn’t because I don’t know that I want to bring work to here. But, in case I ever do want to discuss my day, I think it might be a good idea.  So, without further ado, I give you my team: (think “Clerks” ( “I wasn’t even supposed to be on today!”) mixed with “Office Space” (“Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just a MO-ment”):

The Leg Jiggler – You’ve heard about him a lot. Nice guy, but he drives me batsh*t crazy. I have no doubt that he knows he drives me crazy. I very likely drive him crazy too. And not in a good way.

Frank – the napkin dispenser filler. He likes to pick on me and crush my spirit. Then, he says, he builds me back up. I’m still waiting for that part, but…. moving on.

Velma – you’ve heard about her. She is the one who convinced me to try composting. Always happy. Always doing *something* outside of work.

Aubrey and Wesley – you’ve met them too. They are co-chief gas pumpers. Wesley and his wife just had the most adorable baby. Those who know me, know I don’t say that lightly. I’m not a fan of babies, as a rule. But this little munchkin is precious. Aubrey is awesome and one of those people who you *know* you would have hung out with in high school.

The Friar – I have lately been working with her more than others. She is a TALKER. Seriously, sista can talk a cat off a tuna wagon. But she makes me laugh. Plus, she has a great dog.

Italia – this man is so unbelievably brilliant at his job that it’s scary. I am completely intimidated by him, and I’m fairly certain he thinks I am a moron. I’ve decided the problem is that he is SO smart, and knows his job SO well, that he cannot “dumb” it down enough for normal people to understand. He can’t think like a normal person.

Carla – she is lovely. Spanish and sweet and funny.

Mingo – I’m convinced that there is more to this woman. There is no doubt in my mind that, outside of work, there is a whole “Bizarro Mingo” who will rock it out. But at work? Still waters.

Lovely Little Lady – I LOVE this woman. She is the sweetest, quietest, loveliest lady I know. She is gorgeous, and has gorgeous children and lives in a gorgeous house. Yeah. I pretty much want to be her.

Whew, there are more. But I’ll stop now. That’s enough. I’m tired. And I want another taco.

Happy, Frank? *stinkeye*

Oh, hello! Good to see you. Tonight we are having penne pasta with a red sauce, with meatballs and sausage. That will be followed up with glasses of Airborne.

I’m getting sick. A cold, I think. I was a little sick last week when I was on vacation (I KNOW!) but I thought I was over it. Nope. Scratchy throat, snotty nose, swollen glands. (I’m so pretty.)

And best of all, I get to fly to Toronto Monday morning. Up, up and away with  some very likely sickies, who will be coughing and snotting and horking up a lung at 50,000 feet. I. Can’t. Wait. Maybe if I hide in bed all weekend, away from, you  know, people, I won’t get sick. And I’ll have built up my immune system to be the super-power of germ fighting!!

No? I didn’t think so either.

More Airborne?

Oh, hello! Let’s snack on some dry roasted peanuts, and some sleepy-time tea.

Episode 8

Where we left off last week:

They went back to individuals, and their original colors.

Rebecca (pink) – 223 -4 to 219. She has immunity.

Liz (brown) – 221 – 3 – 218. (below the yellow line)

Tracey (purple)- 197 – 3 to 194. She’s not happy. (is she ever??)

Allen (green) – 262 – 9 to 253. (safe)

Rudy (blue) – 341 – 9 to 332. (safe)

Amanda (pink) – 214 – 7 to 207 (safe)

Danny (brown) – 345 – 12 to 333. (safe) (97 pounds so far!)

Daniel (orange) – 272 – 11 to 261. (safe)

Shay (orange) – 402 – 9 to 393. YAY. Good for her. (safe)

Crazy went home. YAY!

This week, 2 people are supposed to go home.

We start with them all talking about how they all want to be at the finish.

They walk out to the lawn and see Sami. Sami tells them that 2 are going home. They’re all bummed. Lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below a new red line and will go home immediately. There will also still be a yellow line, and a regular elimination after that.

Pop challenge. Winner gets a 1 pound advantage at the weigh in. They are facing a wall with 50 tennis balls velcro-ed to it. They have to jump up and get the balls, and put them in a bucket. The first to put all their balls in the bucket will win. Allen is kicking ass. Shay is struggling. Rebecca is doing pretty well. Rudy is doing well. They really have to jump up to get the top row of balls. It’s down to Rebecca v. Allen. Allen wins. Rebecca is pissed. Liz couldn’t play for some reason. “Medical”.

Rebecca and Amanda want Liz below the red line. Bitchy. They are all discussing how there are 4 older people and 4 younger. It’s a lot of game play in the works. (We find out Liz has a knee issue.)

They all start telling the trainers about the red and yellow lines. B&J are freaking and reworking the workouts. Bob is shocked. And bitchy. In front of the fatties. Jill sends all the fatties away to talk to Bob. Jill is talking about Shay needing to stay. Bob is trying to not play favorites. Jill wants to focus on who needs to be here as opposed to who will do okay at home. Bob doesn’t like this but is going to go along with it. All I can say is that I’m shocked. SHOCKED! You mean this show is manipulated? It isn’t really about each fattie doing it for themself? The trainers play favorites? Shocking. *eye roll* (It’s about time the producers came clean with that.)

Rudy is hurting. Bob is being really bitchy with him. Jill is bitching at the folks on the treadmill. Danny says his hip hurts. He’s feeling lethargic. And almost collapses. Jill sends him out.  Bob is leading a spin class. This is like a last chance workout. everyone seems to be falling apart. Jill is picking on Shay who is wheezing and panting.  Jill actually just said “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Loser. OMG. Shay is crying and sweating like a faucet. Jill is telling her that she needs to stop crying and do every thing she tells her to do. Jill is pretty much ignoring any one else.

Now Jill is picking on Rebecca. Shay must be dead.  Rebecca is pushing back. She’s drained emotionally. And she stops and walks out. She’s crying on Amanda’s shoulder. They hug.

Bob goes to find Danny and tells him to get back to working out. We see pictures of young Danny with his mullet. He tells Bob that he just gave up on himself. But he’s getting his old confidence back. I like Danny. He seems like a nice man. He and Bob hug it out.

Jill pulls Shay and Rebecca out to talk to them. They are both sweating the red line. Jill is telling them it’s okay. If they go home, they know what they need to do. Eat better and exercise. Ick, Jill just said “‘nother” (as in “a whole ‘nother level.)  And Rebecca just said something about “finishing her story.” Oh, what-the-phuck-ever. Could they put MORE trite statements into one episode?

(OMG. They just showed a DOOL commercial. Sami is working with a really cute baby!)

Okay, challenge. They are at a circus. Rebecca hates clowns. They have to jump through actual hoops. They are jumping through the opponents’ hoops. Every time they go through is a point. They are out at 100 points. The last one standing gets immunity. It seems a bit of a free for all. The young fatties seem to be focusing on Liz. The older fatties want to focus on Amanda. Liz is out. Amanda will be next out. Daniel is out. Allen is out. Rebecca is out.  She’s pissed. Shay is pissed. Danny and Rudy are targeting Shay. Shay is losing her mind. Shay is out. Danny v Rudy. Danny is out. Rudy has immunity. The game play is gross.

The young ones stole two spin bikes and some medicine balls up to Shay’s room to get extra workout time, while the old ones sleep. Is it wrong for me to hope their plan backfires?

Bob comes in. Jill isn’t there for whatever reason. Bob is getting caught up on what happened. Shay is being petulant and Rudy is trying to be the bigger man. Product placement. Larabars. (I’ve had these. They are awesome!! And no sugar. Really. Try them.)

Last chance workout. Bob takes them to some studio. They are working out with trapezes with some woman named Yumi (I think).  Bob just let Shay in on the fact that they are going to do whatever they can to keep her there.  Again, SO not fair to the rest of them. They don’t seem to be working as hard, but they say they are spent at the end. Who knows.

Jill is back. and they are having yet another last chance workout. She’s taunting them and making them sweat even more. Rudy falls off the treadmill and calls it done.

Weigh in:

Rudy (blue): has immunity: 332 – 8 to 324 (2.41%) SAFE

Rebecca (pink): 219 – 10 to 209 (4.57%) SAFE

Liz (brown): 218 – 12 to 206 (5.50%) SAFE

Allen (green): has a 1 pound advantage: 253 – 10 to 243 (4.35%) SAFE

Amanda (pink): 207 – 5 to 202 (2.42%) Below yellow line.

Danny (brown): 333 – 17 to 316 (5.11%) SAFE and has lost 114 pounds in 9 weeks.

Daniel (orange): 261 – 5 to 256 (1.92%) Below the red line. He’s going home.

Shay (orange): 393 – 17 to 376. (4.33%) She’s lost 100 pounds in 9 weeks. Jill is stunned.  Below yellow line.

There are many tears and hugs. And he’s gone. He wants to get to 175.

Shay and Amanda are up for elimination. Shay is sobbing and begging to stay.  Amanda is begging to stay. And is making some good arguments.

Rebecca votes for Shay. Allen votes for Shay. Danny votes for Amanda. Liz votes for Amanda. Rudy votes for Shay.

At home updates:

Shay: wants to lose a total of 213 by finale.

Daniel: is at 239 pounds. Looks good. His loser partner from last season is still fat and still has a bad attitude.

Next week is makeover week with Tim Gunn and Tabitha.

**IDK if anyone actually reads this recap, but if so, next weeks will be posted on Wednesday. I’m going out of town and won’t be able to see it live.

Oh, hello! Have some chicken stew. Homemade.

So, I wanted to tell you all about a very cool little enterprise. I happen to work at the Gas ‘n Stuff with Meg’s husband, so I have been hearing about this little company for a few years.

Meg and Ali

These t-shirts are, in a word, GORGEOUS!  The cotton is soft, and the appliques are made from fabulous fabric.  The best part is that every t-shirt is unique. You and your friend might both order the brown long-sleeve with the blue peace sign. But, while the blue might be of similar fabrics, they won’t be in the same order or strips of the same size.

See what I’m talking about?:

This photo belongs to

I first saw the shirts a few years back a one of the summer festivals. The company was smaller then, but the level of quality was very high. These are not t-shirts that are just slapped together – even the stitching is beautiful.

The bad parts? In my opinion, the sizing is too small. Those of us who are built for comfort, not speed, can’t wear the shirts. Yes, I know there are several women “of size” who would wear a shirt that’s too small, but these are too nice to stuff oneself into. Based on that, I also think the price is a little high. I do think that if the sizes fit me, I would pay that. (Yes, I’ve already told the husband these things. He knows I’m “not thin” and also? Cheap.)

The good parts? Quality. Fabrics. NO SHIPPING CHARGE. Unique pieces. Also, no tax outside of Maine. Cool, right?

Future offerings, from what I’m told, will include hats (I can’t wait!!) and some of the fabrics themselves.  I can’t wait until the hats are offered. I’m definitely getting one of those.If I sewed? I would order some fabric too.

So, take a browse around the site, and see what you think. If nothing else, you will see pictures of my friend’s very pretty friends.

The holiday’s are coming. You could even think about buying some for your own very pretty friends.Just sayin’…

* I was not paid to write any of this. I think in the radio world, you could say “This was NOT a paid endorsement.” I told my friend that as soon as the site was up, I would tell all of you about his wife’s business. (Really, how could I get paid? Are they going to give me a t-shirt that would fit my cat?) I just thought that since I’ve seen the shirts, and know the quality, you might like them too.

**Now, if you are Meg’s husband, and you are checking in to see what I wrote? You can stop now. Nothing else I have ever posted on this site has any interest to you. Mmmmmkay??

Oh, hello! Have some pretzels. And beer. Hockey tonight, so I’m getting ready.

I don’t typically watch the news. Mostly because I find it inordinately depressing. Life is hard enough without adding more depressing events. Happy pills can only help so much.

But over the past few days, there have been a couple of very tragic shootings in the south, for which I have tuned in to MSNBC and CNN to hear about details. A couple of weeks ago there was another big story, that MSNBC reported on. The one a few weeks ago, there was supposed to have been a little boy in a balloon that was loose. MSNBC spent several hours reporting on this. It was a hoax. No one interviewed the parents in all that time.

Yesterday there was a horrific shooting in Texas. The first brilliant thing that the talking head on MSNBC said is that “he was a soldier with an Arabic sounding name”. That’s super. Let’s get everyone whipped up into anti-terrorist sentiment without finding out the reason for the problem. Next, he went to Virginia Tech, “which is ironic” – presumably ironic since there was a shooting at Virginia Tech not too long ago. Then he had been shot. Dead. Um, no, he isn’t dead. Stable condition. Today, they are targeting the fact that the “alleged” shooter is Muslim. And “it looks like he decided to go with his religious beliefs”. Really, MSNBC? What part of the Muslim religion espouses this type of violence?

So today, there was a shooting in Florida. “The shooter has been apprehended”. “The shooter is still in the building.” “The shooter escaped the building and is at large.” All of this was reported in a 5 minute time span. Then we switch back to Texas, where we’re told, “We’re going into this 2 minute moment of silence. Let’s go to Fort Hood and listen in.” Listen in? Really? WTF?

What has happened over the past 2 days is horrible. So much violence. So many people dead. And having the media add hate and ignorance to the fire only makes it worse. It fuels hatred and fear and will only instigate additional violence. I can’t handle seeing things like that. I’ll go back to just reading headlines.

I’m back off the news.

Oh, hello! Have some tea and a cookie.

I have been noticing lately that some of the shows on television that I claim to love aren’t doing it for me anymore. And I don’t know why that is.

Is it because the writing has gotten worse, or changed somehow so that it seems worse to me? Has my tolerance for violent cop shops diminished to the point where I have no desire to watch? Have my tastes changed so dramatically over the summer that these shows could go off the air, and I’d be okay with that? What’s really going on here?

Criminal Minds used to be at the top of my list. I loved it when Mandy Patinkin was on it. I think he’s brilliant anyway though. But the stories were good and very thought-provoking, I thought. Sure, there was violence – that’s what crime shows show. But it’s gotten really bad. It’s not on my DVR list any more.

CSI (the original one) doesn’t hold my interest either. And it’s not because Sara and Grissom left. I was THRILLED when they left. And I love Laurence Fishburn. He’s fabulous. I really think that the writing on that show has gotten really bad. And I don’t need the special effects autopsy scenes. That doesn’t add to my enjoyment, even a little. In fact, it makes me gag a little. So come on, CSI writers, bring back the awesome scripts!

NCIS LA is a new one this season. I am an admitted late comer to NCIS anyway, but I like the show. I could do without Gibbs smacking them on the head, and the other two always picking on McGee, but over all, I like the show. I thought it would be cool to see another city. But I just cannot get interested in these characters. I’m not dissing Chris O’Donnell or LL Cool J, but the characters they have been given are NOT engaging, IMO. That’s off the list. (Oh, and if the original NCIS keeps bringing back Mike Franks? That’s off the list too. Don’t like his character, at all.)

Even some of the other new shows. Accidentally on Purpose is new this season. I love Jenna Elfman. I was so excited to see her on TV again. I haven’t stopped recording the show, because I really hope it will get better. It just doesn’t. The story is trite. And the scenarios are annoying and unrealistic, at best. I would be very surprised if this got a second season.

Eastwick is another new one that I had high hopes for. But after this weeks episode, I will very likely be off it’s viewer list. The acting is just SO BAD! I’m sorry Rebecca Rjomin (or whatever). You’re really pretty and all. But acting? Not so much.

That’s enough complaining about TV for now. And I know what you are thinking. If I don’t like it, I don’t have to watch it. But really – how many books can one girl read? I’m on track for 75 +/- this year. Turning off the TV to read isn’t a choice. Yeah, I can blog. I can journal. I could probably even learn to knit, but sometimes, you just need to slip into something mindlessly entertaining. So, it’s the “entertaining” part I’m struggling with.

Oh, hello. Sorry I didn’t have time to cook anything today. I’m sure I have something in the freezer I can reheat. Take a look.

Midterm elections were held yesterday. There were many things of interest throughout the country, but the one I was watching most closely is the question about repealing the recently enacted law that would allow Gays to marry. Yes would repeal, No would keep it on the books.

If we, as a state, won the No vote, we would have been the first state in the country to have this law on the books by the popular vote. Yes would make us just like the 31 other states who have repealed the law.

Do I need to tell you what happened? We, as a state, suck. The Yes vote won. The popular vote is to repeal the law.

Yes won by 32,000 votes. So, granted, the outcome was close, but the closed-minded, homophobic vote won out. Now, just like the other 31 states who have had to deal with this issue, Gays and Lesbians will not be afforded equal rights under the law with regards to marriage.

Fear ads were prevalent. The religious aspect was highly touted. I believe that this is NOT a religious issue. It IS a civil issue. It is a fairness issue. And I also believe that if “God” did not like Gays, “he” wouldn’t have created them.

So, today, I am not proud to be from Maine. I am sad for my gay friends who are once again relegated to the background. I do think it is somewhat encouraging that the vote was so close, so the next time this comes up, the open-minded option should win. Let’s hope this is the case.

My home-state pride will come back. But please don’t blame the ENTIRE state. Many of us were with you.