Oh, hello! Fruit tonight: pomegranate, orange, apples.

Episode 10

Last week:

Weigh in:

Rudy (blue): 324 – 16 to 308 (!!!) (134 pounds total – BL record of most weight lost in 10 weeks) (4.94%) SAFE

Rebecca (pink): 209 – 3 to 206 (73 pounds total) She’s upset. (1.44%) Below the line.

Liz (brown): 206 – 3 to 203 (64 pounds total) (1.46%) Below the line.

Alan (green): 243 – 5 to 238 (87 pounds total) (2.06%) SAFE

Amanda (pink): 202 – 9 to 193 (57 pounds total) She’s thrilled. Bob is thrilled. (4.46%) SAFE

Danny (brown): 316 – 12 to 304 (126 pounds total) (3.80%) SAFE

Rebecca went home. She looks good. Oh, and she’s in love with Daniel.

This week: Suze Orman is going to be there.

We start out with a recap of last week’s eviction. They all know that this is the final week on campus and they can’t start slacking now. B&J show up, and are not surprised. Jill said that Rudy is lying and that the reason he sent her home is that she is the biggest threat. He said that he would say it if it were true. I tend to agree with him. I get the impression that the trainers and the fatties are all sick of each other. I can say that I’m sick of all of them.

Bob has Rudy doing the weights that he did the first week. He’s laughing at how easy it is. Now he’s on to Danny doing the same thing. It’s funny to watch. Each in turn is going thru the same things. The changes are amazing. And dare I say… inspirational? Yep.

Sami comes in to talk to them about the final week. And going home and finding a balance. In comes Suze Orman, the financial advisor. There is a connection between health and wealth. Obesity is an expensive disease.  She is meeting one on one now. Alan is going to call his insurance agent to get his premium reduced. They charged him more for being overweight. Rudy is getting advice on checking credit reports. Liz is being told how to handle money related issues within her marriage.  (Unseen footage from her visit can be seen on her show, Saturday, 9pm on CNBC).

The fatties go to the gym, where Sami and Suze are waiting for them. Treadmills are lined up, in order to play a game. They are not competing against each other. They have to answer questions. For every one they get correct, $1000 will be invested in an account for them at TD Ameritrade. Wow. That’s cool! Incorrect answers mean one level faster and one level higher on the treadmills.  Question 1: How much less do obese employees make in one year? Answer: $7000. They all got it correct.  Question 2: How much can a family save in a year swapping one meal out for one at home every day? Answer: $8760. (Holy crap!!) All but Amanda got it correct. Question 3: How  much do Americans spend on gastric bypass surgery every year? Answer: $4.4 BILLION (Again, holy crap!!) Alan got it correct. Everyone else was wrong. Question 4: How much do Americans spend on obesity-related health issues every year. Answer: $147 Billion. Everyone got it right. Question 5: How much money will you save over 40 years by going from obese to your ideal weight. Answer: 1 million. Everyone but Alan got it right.

The next day, Jill walks in to talk with Danny and Alan about how they are feeling about going home. Cheerios product placement.

At the gym. Amanda is feeling alone. Rudy is targeting Danny this week. Alan is feeling like he just wants to finish. Bob comes in and talks to them as to how they have changed and will they succeed? Danny is scared. They are all crying.  Amanda is talking to Bob outside about how they bonded and love each other. It makes me a little sick.

Liz and Danny are talking about how they have been a team and partners together. They helped each other and pushed each other. Sweet. And a little icky.

Challenge time. They are at a football stadium with the amount of weight they have lost to date on their jerseys. They have to carry the amount of weight they lost. There are footballs that weigh what they each lost each of the 10 weeks. (i.e. Rudy’s first week, he lost 28 pounds. His first football weighs 28 pounds.) They have to carry the weights down the field and put the corresponding football on the week marker. The first one done wins 2 tickets to the 2010 NFL probowl.  Special guest is Rod Woodson. (IDK who that is…) They all seem excited. Rod throws in a prize of $5000 of athletic equipment to the school of their choice.  They pick up their first football and have to walk all the way down the field to the week 1 stand. They put the football down and run back to the beginning. On to the next one. Alan is winning. Rudy and Amanda are right behind him. Alan wins. Rudy is second. Amanda is third. Liz is fourth. Danny finishes strong.

Danny wrote a song. Played it for everyone. Lots of recapping of previous weeks. Again. It was a little awkward to watch. But sweet too, I suppose.

Tomorrow night, there is a “where are they now” show with former contestants to see who kept if off and who gained it all back. FUN!

Subway product placement.

Last chance workouts. Beatings. Sweat. Explanations of what the last chance workout is. (Really??) Yelling. All taking about making it to the final four. Jeepers. Liz is crying again.

Winner of the weigh in also gets Curtis Stone going to their home to teach them how to cook.

Weigh in:

Rudy: 308 – 12 to 296. (3.9%) (33.03% total) SAFE

Liz: 203 – 5 to 198. (2.46%) (25.84% total) below the line

Alan: 238 – 8 to 230. (3.36%) (29.23% total) below the line

Amanda: 193 – 7 to 186. (3.63%) (25.6% total) SAFE

Danny: 304 –16 to 288. Double digit losses 7 weeks in a row.(5.26%) (33.02% total) SAFE

Danny gets the Curtis Stone win.  Amanda is the swing/deciding vote this week. Danny will vote to keep Liz. Rudy will vote to keep Alan. Much begging and pleading. Alan pulls Amanda aside to plead his case and plays the “Liz voted against you before” card.

Voting: Danny votes for Alan; Rudy votes for Liz; Amanda votes for Alan. Alan is going home. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

At home update: Big crowd meets Alan at the fire station. That’s nice. He’s wanting to help others lose weight now. He’s lost another 10 pounds. Works out with his wife.

Next week: final four.

Tomorrow night, remember, is the where are they now show. One former winner has gained all “his” weight back.