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Daily Archives: 2009/11/10

Oh, hello! Let’s snack on some dry roasted peanuts, and some sleepy-time tea.

Episode 8

Where we left off last week:

They went back to individuals, and their original colors.

Rebecca (pink) – 223 -4 to 219. She has immunity.

Liz (brown) – 221 – 3 – 218. (below the yellow line)

Tracey (purple)- 197 – 3 to 194. She’s not happy. (is she ever??)

Allen (green) – 262 – 9 to 253. (safe)

Rudy (blue) – 341 – 9 to 332. (safe)

Amanda (pink) – 214 – 7 to 207 (safe)

Danny (brown) – 345 – 12 to 333. (safe) (97 pounds so far!)

Daniel (orange) – 272 – 11 to 261. (safe)

Shay (orange) – 402 – 9 to 393. YAY. Good for her. (safe)

Crazy went home. YAY!

This week, 2 people are supposed to go home.

We start with them all talking about how they all want to be at the finish.

They walk out to the lawn and see Sami. Sami tells them that 2 are going home. They’re all bummed. Lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below a new red line and will go home immediately. There will also still be a yellow line, and a regular elimination after that.

Pop challenge. Winner gets a 1 pound advantage at the weigh in. They are facing a wall with 50 tennis balls velcro-ed to it. They have to jump up and get the balls, and put them in a bucket. The first to put all their balls in the bucket will win. Allen is kicking ass. Shay is struggling. Rebecca is doing pretty well. Rudy is doing well. They really have to jump up to get the top row of balls. It’s down to Rebecca v. Allen. Allen wins. Rebecca is pissed. Liz couldn’t play for some reason. “Medical”.

Rebecca and Amanda want Liz below the red line. Bitchy. They are all discussing how there are 4 older people and 4 younger. It’s a lot of game play in the works. (We find out Liz has a knee issue.)

They all start telling the trainers about the red and yellow lines. B&J are freaking and reworking the workouts. Bob is shocked. And bitchy. In front of the fatties. Jill sends all the fatties away to talk to Bob. Jill is talking about Shay needing to stay. Bob is trying to not play favorites. Jill wants to focus on who needs to be here as opposed to who will do okay at home. Bob doesn’t like this but is going to go along with it. All I can say is that I’m shocked. SHOCKED! You mean this show is manipulated? It isn’t really about each fattie doing it for themself? The trainers play favorites? Shocking. *eye roll* (It’s about time the producers came clean with that.)

Rudy is hurting. Bob is being really bitchy with him. Jill is bitching at the folks on the treadmill. Danny says his hip hurts. He’s feeling lethargic. And almost collapses. Jill sends him out.  Bob is leading a spin class. This is like a last chance workout. everyone seems to be falling apart. Jill is picking on Shay who is wheezing and panting.  Jill actually just said “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Loser. OMG. Shay is crying and sweating like a faucet. Jill is telling her that she needs to stop crying and do every thing she tells her to do. Jill is pretty much ignoring any one else.

Now Jill is picking on Rebecca. Shay must be dead.  Rebecca is pushing back. She’s drained emotionally. And she stops and walks out. She’s crying on Amanda’s shoulder. They hug.

Bob goes to find Danny and tells him to get back to working out. We see pictures of young Danny with his mullet. He tells Bob that he just gave up on himself. But he’s getting his old confidence back. I like Danny. He seems like a nice man. He and Bob hug it out.

Jill pulls Shay and Rebecca out to talk to them. They are both sweating the red line. Jill is telling them it’s okay. If they go home, they know what they need to do. Eat better and exercise. Ick, Jill just said “‘nother” (as in “a whole ‘nother level.)  And Rebecca just said something about “finishing her story.” Oh, what-the-phuck-ever. Could they put MORE trite statements into one episode?

(OMG. They just showed a DOOL commercial. Sami is working with a really cute baby!)

Okay, challenge. They are at a circus. Rebecca hates clowns. They have to jump through actual hoops. They are jumping through the opponents’ hoops. Every time they go through is a point. They are out at 100 points. The last one standing gets immunity. It seems a bit of a free for all. The young fatties seem to be focusing on Liz. The older fatties want to focus on Amanda. Liz is out. Amanda will be next out. Daniel is out. Allen is out. Rebecca is out.  She’s pissed. Shay is pissed. Danny and Rudy are targeting Shay. Shay is losing her mind. Shay is out. Danny v Rudy. Danny is out. Rudy has immunity. The game play is gross.

The young ones stole two spin bikes and some medicine balls up to Shay’s room to get extra workout time, while the old ones sleep. Is it wrong for me to hope their plan backfires?

Bob comes in. Jill isn’t there for whatever reason. Bob is getting caught up on what happened. Shay is being petulant and Rudy is trying to be the bigger man. Product placement. Larabars. (I’ve had these. They are awesome!! And no sugar. Really. Try them.)

Last chance workout. Bob takes them to some studio. They are working out with trapezes with some woman named Yumi (I think).  Bob just let Shay in on the fact that they are going to do whatever they can to keep her there.  Again, SO not fair to the rest of them. They don’t seem to be working as hard, but they say they are spent at the end. Who knows.

Jill is back. and they are having yet another last chance workout. She’s taunting them and making them sweat even more. Rudy falls off the treadmill and calls it done.

Weigh in:

Rudy (blue): has immunity: 332 – 8 to 324 (2.41%) SAFE

Rebecca (pink): 219 – 10 to 209 (4.57%) SAFE

Liz (brown): 218 – 12 to 206 (5.50%) SAFE

Allen (green): has a 1 pound advantage: 253 – 10 to 243 (4.35%) SAFE

Amanda (pink): 207 – 5 to 202 (2.42%) Below yellow line.

Danny (brown): 333 – 17 to 316 (5.11%) SAFE and has lost 114 pounds in 9 weeks.

Daniel (orange): 261 – 5 to 256 (1.92%) Below the red line. He’s going home.

Shay (orange): 393 – 17 to 376. (4.33%) She’s lost 100 pounds in 9 weeks. Jill is stunned.  Below yellow line.

There are many tears and hugs. And he’s gone. He wants to get to 175.

Shay and Amanda are up for elimination. Shay is sobbing and begging to stay.  Amanda is begging to stay. And is making some good arguments.

Rebecca votes for Shay. Allen votes for Shay. Danny votes for Amanda. Liz votes for Amanda. Rudy votes for Shay.

At home updates:

Shay: wants to lose a total of 213 by finale.

Daniel: is at 239 pounds. Looks good. His loser partner from last season is still fat and still has a bad attitude.

Next week is makeover week with Tim Gunn and Tabitha.

**IDK if anyone actually reads this recap, but if so, next weeks will be posted on Wednesday. I’m going out of town and won’t be able to see it live.