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Oh, hello. Come on in for some salad before the show.

Episode 7

Last week:

Blue team: Won the weigh in. Black team has to send someone home.

Liz -7  (Down 46 so far this season) Won the face off.

Rebecca -9  (Down 56 so far this season) Won the face off.

Tracey -5  (Down 41 so far this season) Won the face off.

Allen -8  (Down 63 so far this season)

Rudy -14  (Down 101 so far this season) Won the face off. Broke Dane’s record. 100 pounds in 7 weeks.

Black team:

Abby -3  (Down 46 so far this season)

Amanda -4  (Down so far this season) (Has the 2 pound advantage)

Danny -12 (Down 85 so far this season) Won the face off. Has immunity for the elimination.

Daniel -5  (Down 40 so far this season)

Shay -9  (Down 74 so far this season)

Abby went home and looks great.

This week: they are going to Washington DC. Oh, and more drama with Crazy.

WTF? Voting results interrupting the show… This sucks.

Joining the show in progress…

They are individuals again? They all go back to their original colors. Pop challenge: they have an hour to go thru DC and recruit people to do a public workout at the Washington Monument. Who ever wins gets an advantage at the Challenge. They are handing out stickers to identify their recruits. The winner team also gets fed at Subway.  They are trying to take recruits from each other.

People start gathering. Allen has recruited a bunch of firemen – they come in trucks. (Cool!)  Sami introduces the fatties. Everyone is cheering. The crowds are separated by fatty. It came down to 1 vote. Liz v Allen. Liz won. She got the most people there. Now, out come B&J. Bob is talking on the stage. Jill is in the crowd yelling at them. Picking on “total strangers”, she says. It looks like they are having fun. Liz is now taking her group to Subway. (She’s kind of annoying, IMO). Jill is there with them. I’m sure the staff at Subway is probably freaking out – a bus pulled up. (BTDub, if you would like to hear a new perspective on sandwich shops, check out my friend Clay’s blog – he makes me laugh with every post.)

Now they are going to meet members of congress, who are sitting looking suitably somber, as congress members are wont to do. (Okay, there are 2 Senators. HUGE turnout.) Daniel is telling them his story. Jill is nodding somberly. “Better health education in school curriculum”. That’s what they got out of it. (DUH! springs to mind.) Rebecca is telling her story. Tears. Oh, goat. Crazy is having her moment meeting the senators. I wonder if they will lock her up.

Sami meets them at Constitution Garden, looking like a farm-girl with pig tails. Very cute. The challenge has 4 stages. Taking place at 4 of the historic places in the city. The winner of all 4 wins immunity at the weigh in. Liz wins a pass to skip one of the stages since she won the pop-challenge. Stage 1: They have to run 1 mile around the garden. Crazy is having week 1 flashbacks and starts crying. (Of course she does). First 6 finishers go on to the next portion of the challenge. Last 3 are out.  And they’re off. Rebecca and Allen are in the lead. Crazy passes Shay at the back of the pack. Shay is walking, but is determined to finish. Showing each fatty with a flashback to week one for comparison. Rebecca finishes first, then Daniel, Allen, Amanda, Rudy, and Liz. Danny is in 7th place. Crazy will be 8th. Shay is last, but is finishing.

Stage 2. They are the Watergate steps in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial. There are 17 thousand + pennies. They have run down the steps, pick up pennies and run back up to put them in a bank. The first 4 move on. Liz sits out, so only 3 move on. Rudy is using his ginormous hands to his advantage, and is going 2 steps at a time. Rudy is kicking everyone else’s ass, due to his paw size. Daniel is going on to the next stage. It looks like down to Allen and Rebecca. Sami is FREAKING OUT! It’s kinda funny.

Back from the commercial, Sami still freaking out. Rebecca wins the final spot for the next round. Liz, Daniel, Rudy, and Rebecca now playing for immunity. Stage 3: US Capital. Balance challenge. They are going to be standing on a platform, on a narrow ledge, with a Pilates ball over their heads. Final 2 go on to the final stage. Rudy is struggling with his size 15 feet. Liz is wobbly. Daniel is wobbly – and falls off. Rudy is very wobbly. Rebecca is steady. Liz is out. Rebecca and Rudy are fighting for immunity in stage 4.

Stage 4: They are in front of the white house. 206 steps (for the number of contestants on the BL so far) onto a step aerobic step. First one to 206 wins. Rebecca has a slight lead.  Now she’s killing it.  Both are struggling.  Rebecca wins immunity. She’s giddy!!

They all find out that tomorrow they will be going on a tour of the white house. And, with that, Sami leaves. (BTDub – is it gross that I liked the song they played during stage 1? Yes, I know who sings it. DON’T JUDGE ME! *sob*)

One on one time with Bob and Amanda. Must be product placement time. Extra sugar-free gum. And we’re at the white house, and my local channel goes to election coverage. *GAH* But, I suppose, the weigh-in is the most important…

And we’re back. The fatties are at the last chance workout.  With singles, the trainers are training everyone again. We just saw Rudy carrying Jill up the stairs. (Pretty funny.) Danny’s gut is hanging out from under his shirt. Jill is focused on Crazy. (heh). BL is about changing your life – inside and out. Crazy is crying. What a shocker. She is now Jill’s biggest fan. Bob is trying to get Shay under 400 this week.  Bob and Amanda are flirting bonding. It’s kinda gross. He’s asking her about her meltdown last week. All she wanted to do then was talk to Bob. So now she is. So Bob is having her do what Jillian tried to have her do. And of course she is. That’s a big F-U to Jill, IMO. (BTDub, I hope she makes it to makeover week. I’m sick of that twisty thing she does with the front of her hair. And the black eye-liner.)

This week’s weigh in: (at the Lincoln Memorial) (Cool.)

Rebecca (pink) – 223 -4 to 219. She has immunity.

Liz (brown) – 221 – 3 – 218. (below the yellow line)

Tracey (purple)- 197 – 3 to 194. She’s not happy. (is she ever??)

Allen (green) – 262 – 9 to 253. (safe)

Rudy (blue) – 341 – 9 to 332. (safe)

Amanda (pink) – 214 – 7 to 207 (safe)

Danny (brown) – 345 – 12 to 333. (safe) (97 pounds so far!)

Daniel (orange) – 272 – 11 to 261. (safe)

Shay (orange) – 402 – 9 to 393. YAY. Good for her. (safe)

The choice is between Liz and Crazy to go home. Please goat. Let it be Crazy. They have time to discuss.  Shay doesn’t think Liz wants to be there any more. Now we hear from Crazy. Daniel asks her about her game play earlier on. Of course she tells them what they want to hear.

Voting: Amanda: Crazy;  Shay: Liz;  Danny: Crazy; Daniel: Crazy; Rebecca: Crazy; Allen: NA; Rudy: NA

WOOT!!!! CRAZY IS GOING HOME!!!!!!!! Praise Goat above!!!!! Scared as she shoots the *stinkeye* at the rest.

At home update: On the ranch, she went from 238 to 194.   She’s going home on a helicopter.  In a really ugly purple dress. Big crowd to meet her. Her husband says she is his soul mate. Read: he’s crazy too. The kids? Yep. Probably crazy. She ran the “original” mile and finished in less than 12 minutes. Now she is at 85 pounds down and is training to run a full marathon in December. I hate to say it, but she looks good.

Next week: 2 people go home.


Oh, hello. Come in and have a glass of port. It’s delightful.

I’m on vacation. Again. I know, right? It seems like I was just on vacation.

Now that the Gas ‘n Stuff is doing PTO, I get the equivalent of 7 weeks off. If we went back to regular vacation time, I would have 4 weeks vacation, 5 sick days, and 10 paid holidays. Same thing. But now I don’t have to take the day off for the random paid holidays like Columbus Day, or Flag Day, or Arbor Day. (Okay, so I didn’t ever really get those last 2 off, but you get my point.) I mean, I understand why we have a Veterans Day, or a Presidents Day or a MLK Day. But short of having any real celebrations, those are just a day to sleep in and do nothing. I would rather do that when I choose, not when someone tells me to.

I didn’t know if I would like this whole PTO thing, but I’ll be honest. It’s pretty good. When I choose to go into work on the “holiday”, usually no one else is there, so it’s kind of like a day off anyway! Win/win.

So what did I do today? I slept in, and snuggled with the twins. Then I read some of my book. Then I napped. (Reading is hard, yo!) Then I took the screen out of my front door and put in the storm glass. It’s officially winter when I do that. (Well, that and the fact that it’s friggin’ dark at 4:30.) Tomorrow, I’ll probably do more of the same.Well, that, and I need to go vote. Big question on the ballot this year is whether or not to repeal gay marriage in the state. Fingers crossed for that one. (And no, I’m not going to tell you which way I’m voting. Again. I’m pretty sure I made that clear before.)

Anyhoo. There really is no point to this post. Other than I get to tell you that I am on vacation. And to avoid humiliating myself further with NaNoWriMo and the fact that I wrote NOTHING towards that today. (Another chance for me to make myself feel like a failure. Good times.)

More wine?


PS: I just stood up and my foot is asleep. I hate that. Now it’s going to be up all night!

Oh, hello! Help yourself to some cheesy-poofs.

So, I just recently found out about this thing called National Novel Writer’s Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. It’s a challenge for would be writers to commit to writing 50,000 words, or a novel of about 175 pages, in 30 days. Quality is not the focus. Quantity is. It’s a way to challenge yourself, and IMO give yourself a kick in the butt to get writing.

My friend K2Kid has often said that she wants to get a book published. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that she is one of the most brilliant people I know. So, when I heard about NaNoWriMo, I sent her a text with a link to the website, and 3 words: I dare you. I would love to see her do this and maybe get published. I mean, let’s be honest, there is some real dreck out there. If that can get published, something smart should be able to, right?

K2Kid signed up. And then challenged me to do it with her. YIKES! Have I ever wanted to be a writer? I don’t know. I mean, look how long it took me to start a friggin’ blog! And now, 50,000 words?? What in goat’s name would I write a novel about? I’m not one of those people who “see” their characters in their minds and know what they will be doing 100 pages in.

But, peer pressure being what it is, I signed up. In the back of my mind, I figure I can always sign up and cheer on K2Kid, along with Debra of Reflecting fame, and Jose of FabergeMonkey fame. I mean, I’ll give it a go for a few days, but quite honestly, 1,500 words in and I’ve already learned that OH MY GOAT I’M BORING!! If I’m boring myself, how in the name of all that is good and holy will anyone else want to read it. No amount of editing will save this.

I’m going to look at this as a great way to challenge myself, and definitely get out of my comfort zone. If nothing else, maybe I can use this as a way to be introspective and find out what’s going on inside. Maybe even find out how my fun got broken. A journaling intensive, if you will. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t make it to the 50,000 words. I know that it was a huge step for me to even sign up. And no matter how far my friends get, I will be there cheering them on for the same accomplishment.

FMI, or if you want to sign up or donate, go to