Oh, hello! Have some tea and a cookie.

I have been noticing lately that some of the shows on television that I claim to love aren’t doing it for me anymore. And I don’t know why that is.

Is it because the writing has gotten worse, or changed somehow so that it seems worse to me? Has my tolerance for violent cop shops diminished to the point where I have no desire to watch? Have my tastes changed so dramatically over the summer that these shows could go off the air, and I’d be okay with that? What’s really going on here?

Criminal Minds used to be at the top of my list. I loved it when Mandy Patinkin was on it. I think he’s brilliant anyway though. But the stories were good and very thought-provoking, I thought. Sure, there was violence – that’s what crime shows show. But it’s gotten really bad. It’s not on my DVR list any more.

CSI (the original one) doesn’t hold my interest either. And it’s not because Sara and Grissom left. I was THRILLED when they left. And I love Laurence Fishburn. He’s fabulous. I really think that the writing on that show has gotten really bad. And I don’t need the special effects autopsy scenes. That doesn’t add to my enjoyment, even a little. In fact, it makes me gag a little. So come on, CSI writers, bring back the awesome scripts!

NCIS LA is a new one this season. I am an admitted late comer to NCIS anyway, but I like the show. I could do without Gibbs smacking them on the head, and the other two always picking on McGee, but over all, I like the show. I thought it would be cool to see another city. But I just cannot get interested in these characters. I’m not dissing Chris O’Donnell or LL Cool J, but the characters they have been given are NOT engaging, IMO. That’s off the list. (Oh, and if the original NCIS keeps bringing back Mike Franks? That’s off the list too. Don’t like his character, at all.)

Even some of the other new shows. Accidentally on Purpose is new this season. I love Jenna Elfman. I was so excited to see her on TV again. I haven’t stopped recording the show, because I really hope it will get better. It just doesn’t. The story is trite. And the scenarios are annoying and unrealistic, at best. I would be very surprised if this got a second season.

Eastwick is another new one that I had high hopes for. But after this weeks episode, I will very likely be off it’s viewer list. The acting is just SO BAD! I’m sorry Rebecca Rjomin (or whatever). You’re really pretty and all. But acting? Not so much.

That’s enough complaining about TV for now. And I know what you are thinking. If I don’t like it, I don’t have to watch it. But really – how many books can one girl read? I’m on track for 75 +/- this year. Turning off the TV to read isn’t a choice. Yeah, I can blog. I can journal. I could probably even learn to knit, but sometimes, you just need to slip into something mindlessly entertaining. So, it’s the “entertaining” part I’m struggling with.