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Daily Archives: 2010/09/24

Oh, hello. Again. Good grief, I’m prolific this week! I think some wine is in order. Or sparkling cider for those who don’t imbibe.

Before I start, I want to say thank you to Moo for pushing me to do this. Starting today. Honestly, I was only going to start tomorrow for *her*. Give her a chance to think about things. Honestly.

Something I hate about myself:

I hate that I cannot control my eating. I eat very fast and way too much, according to defined “portion sizes”. And when it comes to processed sugar? Forget it. Even as I continue to shovel into my face, I recognize how gross it is and that I should stop. But I can’t. Until it’s either gone or I am just this side of wanting to puke, I keep eating.

I know that I just shouldn’t buy it, what ever it is. But it’s like I become possessed. And one is rarely enough. I buy 2 of whatever it is, knowing that the first one will be gone within the hour.

That’s a thing I hate about myself.

Oh, and I’m physically lazy.


Something I love about myself.


Hi.  I’m Texas Emerald.  Or ~moo~, depending on how well you know me.  Perhaps we’ve met?

At any rate, my sweet friend, MagandMoo, is making a change in her life.  I am so very proud of her.  And a little jealous.

So, I promised her that I would help.  I am cheering for her as loud as I can from 2,000 miles away.

I told MagandMoo that I would do 30 days of truth with her.  The silly girl suggested that we start tomorrow…oh no ma’am.  We’re not getting back in that wagon.

While she’s hyperventilating in a paperbag in the corner, here is my post for the day.

“Something you hate about yourself”

I am an epic procrastinator.  I’m in college.  I will graduate as soon as I finish 1 class and a Capstone project.  1 class people!  So, I watch Criminal Minds instead.

I’m overweight.  Not elephant sized, but more than portly.  I want to make a significant change to my weight before I turn 35.  In 9 months.  So, I…um…do nothing.  Oh, except have an after dinner Drumstick. WIN!

So, my *hate* thing, I’m freaking lazy. 

Your turn MagandMoo.

Oh, hello! I”m on quite a roll, aren’t I? The bagels are fresh and the cream cheese is whipped. Help yourself.

Ok, Universe. I get it! Seriously. I can’t stop giggling at how blind I have been.

Firstly, my Angel gave me the gift of changing my life.

Secondly, I came across what I think might be the theme song of my Inner Wisdom (and, I swear to Cod, it just came on my playlist. Right. Now!) Relentless by Audrye Sessions. Check it out.

Thirdly, the lovely and talented DailySnark had this post yesterday.  Originally, I thought about doing it, but in journal form. But, I might do it here. If Scaredy Kat lets me. (She’s part of Mean Marcy’s crew.)

And today, here, there was this post.  I have never read this blog before. And usually, I just skim the “headlines” on the DailyBrainstorm.

I feel like I’m getting bombarded with the pom-poms the Wonder Twins play with. (Pom-poms, because they don’t hurt. They make me giggle.)

Mean Marcy and her crew don’t stand a chance.