Oh, hello! Tonight, we’re having some pasta salad. Help yourselves.

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Where we were last week:

Amanda -5 to 230 and Rebecca -4 to 244 (1.86%)

Daniel -0 to 287 and Shay -5 to 432 (.69%)

Allen -7 to 285  and Abby -3 to 213 (1.97%)

Rudy -11 to 377 and Dina -5 to 229  (2.57%)

Liz -3 to 240 and Danny -8 to 382 (1.74%)

Julio -4 to 364 (1.09%)

Mo -8 to 318 and Tracey -4 to 213  (2.21%)

Julio was sent home.

Previews for tonight showed that they are now going to be split Blue v Black. One contestant wins the power to decide the teams. Everyone is praying Crazy Eyes doesn’t win it. Fingers crossed.

Here come the fatties. There is a black and blue wheel that looks almost like a Wheel of Fortune wheel. Sami tells them that they will be blue v black. They are freaking that one of their own will be picking the teams. 36 spaces, 1 golden ticket. They pick the team and the trainer. The other 35 spaces have other things like cash or food. They don’t all have to play. Sami tells them that if they want in, they need to step forward. Everyone is in except Abby – she said that nothing on the wheel has anything to do with why she’s there. GO ABBY!!

They are going to spin based on % lost so far.

Rudy spins first and gets a huge piece of cake for 1000 calories. Rebecca is next and she gets a 280 calorie donut. Allen is up – a cupcake, 100 calories. Danny is up. He gets a cupcake – 780 calories. (The cupcake is HUGE!!) Crazy Eyes is up. OH. MAH. GAH. She got it. Everyone is pissed! Everyone is gasping. They all think it’s eerie. Mo is convinced it’s something supernatural. She’s a witch. BUAHAHAHAHAHA

Same is putting pressure on her. Everyone is speechless! She goes off to think about it. Or, you know, kick a duck or something equally evil. We see her walking. They are all sitting around kvetching about someone else getting to pick their teams. Oh, goat. Lots and lots of crying. Dina says that if Rudy is not on her team, she will have no one to count on but herself. THAT’S THE FRIGGIN POINT!!! Own your own shit. Honestly.

They all meet up again. B&J come in.  J is pissed that Crazy Eyes won. She’s grinning like…. a crazy person. *heh* She picks Bob as her trainer. He’s like… Um. Wow. But you can tell he isn’t happy. J wanted her and just wanted to kick her ass.

Blue team:                                                                          Black team:

Crazy                                                                                    Daniel

Mo                                                                                         Shay

Allen                                                                                     Abby

Liz                                                                                          Danny

Rudy                                                                                     Amanda

Rebecca                                                                              Dina

Okay, while she’s picking teams, Crazy interviews that she “needs to stop trying to please other people and take care of myself”. Um, really? When did you start to consider anyone but yourself? You whining spineless hag.

Anyhoo. The fatties aren’t especially happy with Crazy’s choices. More tears. (At least we know there will be no water weight gain this week. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA – I kill me!) Crazy is trying to make herself cry. Now they are all back in the house, bitching. She has no integrity. She has stabbed them in the back. Liz is all whipped up.

We’re in the gym. B&J are beating up their respective teams. Amanda has already puked. The former teammates are all gazing longingly at each other. Liz just passed out or something on the treadmill. Her eyes are open. Her face is maroon! She’s eating fruit. She seems okay.

Dina can’t seem to do the leap on the stool thing. J is telling her that she needs to change her life. Dina just walked out of the gym. She wants to believe in herself. Rudy is giving her a pep talk. He brings her back to the gym and is making her jump onto the platform thing. Everyone else goes to eat. Dina stays to “confront the platform”. (It’s a little odd that she won’t just try it. What’s the worst that can happen?)

Bob has taken his team to the grocery store to teach them about food. OOO! Jennie-O product placement. They made wraps with Romaine lettuce leaves. Looked pretty good, actually.

Challenge time. Sami has some strange conductor hat on. Each team runs up a hill, carrying a platform with one of the teammates sitting on it. The winner gets videos from home. The sitter can be switched off through the game. Black team has Dina sitting. Blue team has Rebecca sitting. Blue is slow and steady and takes an early lead. They are through the mud. Black switches, Amanda is sitting now. 2nd mud pit. Black is struggling. Shay is having a hard time hanging on.  Blue team wins. Black team finishes. Blue gets videos from home.  Rebecca gives her video privileges to Dina. WOW! Dina sucks it up and declines it. She’s starting to own her shit. Nice.

Video night. Allen: crying. Rudy: crying. Mo: crying. His family is cute. Rebecca: crying.(Her sister is pretty funny though). Crazy: her husband doesn’t look crazy too. Um, their kitchen chairs have bull skull prints. WTF? Liz has asked Danny to watch her video with her. It’s Danny’s video! SURPRISE!! That’s so sweet. (And here I was thinking that she was kinda mean to do that to him.)

Last chance workout. J has her team outside, working as a team. Bob has his team in a 24-hour fitness club. Crazy is on a treadmill. Mo has a walking cast on. (WTF?) Liz is killing herself. Dina is still not able to do the platform jump. Maybe next week. (Makes me want to try it though.)

Tonight’s weigh in: they weigh in and get a total team percentage, whichever team loses sends one team member home.

Blue team: Total pounds: 43 Total %: 2.56

Liz -8

Rebecca -7

Mo -6 (his cast is gone??)

Tracey -7 (she weighed in first and interviewed all snotty. hate her)

Allen -7

Rudy -8

Black team: Total pounds: 54 Total %: 3.05

Abby -5

Dina -6

Amanda -6

Danny -10

Daniel -11

Shay -16 (HOLY SHAT!!!)

Blue team is sending someone home. I’ve mixed feelings.  I would like to see Bob finally win a BL. But at the same time, SEND CRAZY HOME!!! Liz had the highest percentage lost – she’s got immunity. Crazy is trying to convince them to keep her. Mo is trying to decide who to vote for. Mo is falling on his sword for Crazy. He said he’s not pulling his weight, and he should go home. Now they are reconsidering. Oh goat. Please tell me they aren’t keeping her. UGH!


Liz: Mo; Rudy: Mo; Crazy: Mo;  Rebecca: Mo.  Mo is going home. He’s crying!! *sob* (I cannot believe they kept her.)

At home update: he’s lots 76 pounds. He looks SO GOOD!! He’s paying it forward with kids. His goal is to be down another 75  by finale.

Next week: they go home for a week..