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Daily Archives: 2009/10/20

Oh, hello! Come in and have some brown rice and barbecue chicken!

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Last week:

Blue team: Total pounds: 43 Total %: 2.56

Liz -8

Rebecca -7

Mo -6 (his cast is gone??)

Tracey -7 (she weighed in first and interviewed all snotty. hate her)

Allen -7

Rudy -8

Black team: Total pounds: 54 Total %: 3.05

Abby -5

Dina -6

Amanda -6

Danny -10

Daniel -11

Shay -16 (HOLY SHAT!!!)

Mo went home. This week, they are to go home for the week. And we get to see B&Js reaction to Crazy still being there.

When the Black team comes in they are all stunned that Crazy is still there. Crazy is crying and knows that they all wanted her to go home. Shay leaves the room. The next morning, at the gym. Black team is spinning. Blue team is on the treadmills. No reaction from B&J.

Nighttime challenge on the beach – lots of sand. They need to find 4 keys buried in the sand in order to unlock a box with the prize inside. Sami isn’t telling them what the prize is. Crazy and Abby are sitting out. Amanda is also sitting out to make the teams even. The digging involves shovels. 10 minutes in and no one has found the key yet. Rudy found his box. Allen found his box. Liz found her box. 20 minutes in. Danny got his out. Allen got his key out. Rudy has his key out. 30 minutes in. Daniel got his key out. Liz’s key is out. (Phucking Crazy on the sidelines. Annoying.) 40 minutes in. Rebecca got her key. Blue team wins. And they win tickets home. If they want them. No trainers. OR they can give them to the Black team. Black team is going home. Now they are psyched, but scared.

Daniel’s family is all excited. Lots of hugs. His mom is pretty. Abby’s family is squealing. So cute. Her mom is cute. Weird hair, but cute. Dina is squashing her son. Hubs is kinda cute. Shay is home to hubs and step kids. Very mellow home coming. Sweet. Amanda has a crowd. Clapping and cheering and an adorable puppy!! Danny has group hug with wife and 2 kids. Wife has a gleam in her eye. There is gonna be a lot of nookie this week. Now the Black team is all stressed being home and thinking about the weigh-in.

We get to see them shopping. And writing down what they eat. And at cookouts. And exercising. And eating out. (Oh, look. Jennie-O turkey.) Finally we get to see the Blue team. Bob is giving them a last chance workout, every day this week. Allen is doing some bad-ass push-ups.

At home, Danny and Mrs. Danny are working out. Abby is swimming, and riding a bike. She has to drive 30 minutes to the gym with the pool. Daniel is working out.

At the ranch. They are on the treadmills. 10% incline. Holy crap! At home, Dina is trying to work out, but she has the kid with her. He’s bored and distracting her. Amanda is working out. None of them seem to know what they are doing. WTF? They do this every day. I don’t understand what the issue is. Jillian calls Amanda. Shay is feeling self-conscious at the gym at home. And she’s sitting at the juice bar, unwrapping her feet. GROSS!

Product placement for MILK.

Daniel gets a call from Jillian. Dude needs a manicure. *gag*. Each person is going out to dinner. And annoying their dinner companions. And wait staff. They will all get spit meals. Danny is cooking at home – grilling. Kabobs. Good man. Shay and Dina are grossed out by how their families are eating. They know that they used to eat that way and know they need to make family wide changes.

Product placement for Subway.

Hee hee! Danny used to have a pony-tail!

They are all packing up to go back to the ranch. Touching moments for all with family members. Sad.

Blue team is at the food bank (from last season) to help out. Filling backpacks for kids.

Black team is back. Telling Blue team about the challenges they had while at home. Back to the gym for last chance workouts. Danny has had an epiphany. He’s clear on what he needs to do. Daniel is holding back. And now he’s crying. His “aha” moment. (His “aha” moment led me to one…. brb.)

This week’s weigh in:

Blue team: Total pounds: 35  Total %: 2.65

Liz -4 to 228

Rebecca -5 to 232

Tracey -4 to 202

Allen -8 to 270

Rudy -14 to 355 (GO RUDY!! 87 pounds down so far.)

Black team: Total pounds:34  Total %:1.98

Abby -4 to 204

Dina -5 to 208

Amanda -6 to 218

Danny -15 to 357 (GO DANNY!! 73 pounds down.)

Daniel +1 to 277 (WTF??)

Shay -5 to 411

Everyone is shocked about Daniel. Black team will be sending someone home. Danny has immunity and cannot be sent home. Shay is playing the “I’m the heaviest one here” card. Dina wants to stay. Daniel wants to stay.

Voting: (Much crying. Many heavy hearts. Oy.)

Daniel: Dina.  Dina: Daniel.  Abby: Dina. Danny: Daniel. Amanda: Dina. Shay: Dina.

Dina is going home. She’s a gracious loser. She lost 35 pounds on the ranch. And is referring to herself in the third person. Odd.  At home update: She is now at 188. Her son pushes her at the gym. And OMG. She made the leap on to the platform thing. She looks good. She’s getting a makeover. Hair is lighter and shorter. She’s run a half marathon. Go Dina!

Next week: Head to head with a member of the opposite team. And Amanda has a melt-down.


Oh, hello! Come in, sit down, have a sandwich.

How is it possible to go through life with a complete disregard of the people around you? Is it arrogance? Is it ignorance? Is it upbringing?

Here’s an example: my cell at the Gas ‘n Stuff is right outside a conference room. Daily, usually several times daily, the people who are using the room congregate outside the closed door as they await their turn, and carry on full volume conversations with people who are standing right beside them. Mine is not the only cell in this area, so I am not the only one affected by this. There is a sign up to remind conference room attendants that people are working and to have a little respect, but to no avail.

And if they get a call on their cell during the meeting? They come out and take the call in the hallway. We all know that people tend to speak louder while on a mobile. There are signs for that too. They stand right in front of the sign that asks them to take their calls elsewhere, and pay no mind.

The other example I’m thinking of is in the grocery store. The way I was raised, if you are walking in front of someone who is looking at something on the shelf, you say “Excuse me.” That’s just common courtesy. You are walking in front of them, so you excuse yourself. Easy.

I just cannot, and have never been able to, fathom how people can be so rude. I’m certainly old enough now that it should not surprise, nor bother, me. And yet the supreme arrogance and self-importance of people who completely disregard others baffles me. It also makes me sad that this is “normal” in our society.