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Daily Archives: 2009/10/06

Oh, hello! We’re having saltines with fluff. Sounds odd, but the salty + sweet = YUM!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Where we left off last week:

Amanda -5 and Rebecca -7 (Amanda counts) (2.08%)

Daniel -6 and Shay -6 (Shay counts) (1.35%)

Allen -4  and Abby -5 (they have immunity)

Rudy -12 and Dina -3 (Rudy counts – he’s in the 300s!) (3.00%)

Antoine -11 and Sean -6 (Sean counts) (1.46%)

Liz -4 and Danny -4 (Liz counts) (1.62%)

Julio -7 (1.87%)

Mo -1 and Tracey -11 (Tracey counts) (5.26%)

Red team, Antoine and Sean went home and have done really well. Everyone hates Tracey. (Including me.) And the previews showed that she gets hurt this week. I know I shouldn’t celebrate an injury, but…. *heh*

Recap of week three. Replaying all the reason’s everyone hates Tracey and how she screwed everyone last week. Shay is blaming both purple. Dude! Mo didn’t do anything!!! Snatch.

B&J are counseling the fatties to stay for themselves. Crazy eyes has to meet with the Doc about getting to exercise. The rest are working out with Bob – weights. Now onto cardio.  Bob is talking to Miss America. Jillian is talking to Julio. “Why are you so fat??” “Have you ever been good enough? Have you ever excelled?” He knows food. He’s obsessed with food. (His words, not mine. But he was 407 pounds. Just saying…) The only failure you will ever have is not trying. ~Jillian. Very deep.

Crazy eyes is with the Doc. Blood tests every three days so far. (Holy crap!) High levels of CPK – muscle damaging. She’s shut down. No exercise. No walking. No swimming. (WOW!) She crying. She doesn’t want to go home. Whatev. Now she’s going to break the news to Mo. The Doc doesn’t want her to lose any weight at all. (Um, he didn’t say that.) Mo is being kind. And now he has to pick up her slack. Again.

They all walk into a kitchen. Sami is there. The cupboards and fridges are chained and locked. For 7 days. They have to order out every single meal. Tough love, fatties. Order good stuff, just like in the real world. Challenge. 3 Choices for dinner. The team that makes the healthiest choice wins a kitchen stocked with healthy food for a year. Shay says – I work 3 jobs. I need this. (Yeah, witch. So does everyone.) They each have a chance and are grilling Sami. Half pick A, half pick C. A was healthiest. Brown, Orange and Pink are all up for the free food. One last question. Pink wins. Shay looks pissed. Shocking.

Product Placement: The Biggest Loser Simple Swaps book. Things you can swap at restaurants. Kinda cool. $13 at Amazon. Blue guy and Brown chick went to get the food. None of them got what they ordered. Brown guy is mad. Jillian tells us to swap mashed taters for cauliflower. Um, how ’bout, no. I like both, but no comparison.

Trainers are just finding out about the take out meals. Natch, Jillian is pissed. (Quick product placement with Extra Sugar-free gum). B&J are going to take them all out for a meal to show them how to eat. J has some tough ass boots on that makes me fear her even more. They are at a Mexican restaurant. They say no thank you to the free chips and salsa. J is dogging one of the pink chicks and has made her cry – but still not good enough for J.”What is your purpose for changing?” (Day-um! J is being very deep tonight!) B is chiming in now too. They are told to order water. Shay sent her meal back to get it fixed. I’m sure she’s getting back a spit meal. J is analyzing Miss America’s meal. Whew! That’s over.

Here’s Bob with a tip, in his “Hi, I’m gay!” rainbow striped shirt. Telling us all to be a PITA at restaurants – think “When Harry Met Sally” and how Sally ordered stuff. Expect spit.

They’re having a challenge – something on water. They are playing for immunity. Grab a handlebar, hang on as long as you can. Platform keeps getting steeper.  Abby and Crazy eyes aren’t competing. (I am so sick of Shay always getting her comment in.) Brown chick is out. Brown guy is out. Miss America is out. Blue guy is out. Pink is out. Blue chick is out. Mo is out. Shay is out. Julio is out. It’s down to Green guy and Orange guy. (I’ll get their names eventually.)

Recap of hour one. And now back to the challenge.  Green is out. Orange won immunity. Back to the gym. Last chance workout. B has them on treadmills. J is working with Blue guy. I guess his name is Rudy. She’s yelling at him. Natch. (He’s like a giant next to her. Heh.) She isn’t letting him put the kettlebells down. B is now picking on pink team. B has them jumping onto those benches like he does every year. And here is Crazy eyes sitting in the kitchen. Whining. Mo is working his butt off. (GO MO). Mo is hurt. Lower back. Trying to do too much.

Bob think Mo is wussing out. Panicking. Bob wants to know if he wants to go home. He’s thought about it. Bob is giving him an hour to rest and then try the bike. And he goes back into the gym. They are all happy for him. He’s pushing himself.

Walking to the weigh in. They are all saying how hard it has been with the eating out.

This week’s weigh in:

Amanda -5 to 230 and Rebecca -4 to 244 (1.86%)

Daniel -0 to 287 and Shay -5 to 432 (they have immunity) (.69%) (B thinks Daniel is game-playing)

Allen -7 to 285  and Abby -3 to 213 (1.97%)

Rudy -11 to 377 and Dina -5 to 229 (65 in four weeks, Rudy?!?! Holy crap!) (2.57%)

Liz -3 to 240 and Danny -8 to 382 (1.74%)

Julio -4 to 364 (1.09%)

Mo -8 to 318 and Tracey -4 to 213 (Crazy eyes gave excuses before she even weighed in.) (2.21%)

Brown and Black are up for elimination. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth while they decide who to vote out. They all think Liz would vote them out with no problem.

Orange votes Black out.

Blue votes Brown out.

Green votes Black out.

Purple votes Black out.

Julio is going home. Much crying and hugging. At home, he’s at 299. (He started at 407.) Still cooking. Lots of local organic food. The wife is being very supportive. He looks good. He wants to be at 200 by the finale.

Next week: blue v black. Golden ticket winner picks teams.


Oh, hello! Come in and have some tea.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling like something wonderful was going to happen to me yesterday. (I know – MONDAY!!) I didn’t know what was going to happen, or when, or even where this feeling came from, but I just knew that it would be before the end of the day.

Nothing wonderful happened. That I know of. I think whatever it was just got caught in traffic, or delayed in the mail. It’s coming, but I just don’t know when. Although, someone also suggested that something wonderful DID happen, I just don’t know it yet. Like whatever it is set in motion something that will lead to the wonderful thing. You know, like the principle that a butterfly flitting in one region can cause a tsunami in another region. I kind of like the idea that yesterday, a butterfly set in motion something for me.

I’ll keep you posted.