Oh, hello! Come in and have some chips and dip.

It seems winter has come to our little neck of the woods. Yes, I know it is only October 4. But jeepers, it has been COLD around here lately. Saturday was cold enough that I actually contemplated turning the heat on. I don’t normally touch the heat until November, but I was so cold. So, instead, I grabbed a book and hunkered down on the sofa, bundled in a sweater and socks, under a blanket. Then 20 pounds of cat came over and made themselves comfortable. I was snuggly in no time.

Now that it seems kayaking season is over, I’ve been thinking about what to do this winter to get myself off the sofa. I’ve been thinking about snowshoeing for a few years. Previously, Satan wouldn’t go, due to myriad excuses. I think now, Herb would be more open to trying it. I do hear it’s a lot of hard work, but it will get me moving. That’s the goal.

Yesterday was the day I switched out my summer clothes for winter clothes. Lots of laundry to make sure everything is fresh. I do love a good sweater, but it makes me sad that another warm weather season is past. Is it me or has Twitter lost some of its appeal? It seems like there are fewer people “playing” on there than there used to be. I tried out following all the people who were following me that I wasn’t following. But, as much as I like them, I don’t have anything in common with all the “mommies” and cannot relate to many of their posts. They are lovely people, but kids are out of my realm.

Does anyone listen to audio books? I got started with them because I HATE commercial radio. The morning DJs and their insipid blather in the mornings make me uber stabby. I tried to listen again last week, but, let’s see. One day, on the 6 stations I have preset, I heard 1 song. 1. And it was Queen. I love Queen, but, and correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t listen to the radio very often, but I’m pretty sure that there have been songs produced since Queen was first popular.

Anyhoo, audio books. Most of them I like a lot. I can’t listen to the abridged versions. Those aren’t good. And the narrator makes a HUGE difference. If their voice is too whiny or sing-songy or flat, I can’t listen. I also don’t count those in the total of books I’ve read for the year. I mean, I’m actively listening, but not officially reading.

Alright. This post has no point. And is quite boring. So I’ll stop my ramblings now. I need more dip, anyway.