As part of all this new stuff, because I’m not shaking up my world enough, I have decided to get back to doing yoga. I’m going to start back slowly, but I’m going to try to do it every day for 30 days. And write about it.

This is more for me to track my progress so feel free to skip these posts.

Back 10 years ago, I did yoga quite regularly and with some of the worlds best yogis. I was not full yogini material then, but I enjoyed it and loved the workout.

Fast forward to today:

Day 1: Did you know that you cannot bend a board? Jeepers. Upward-dog felt like my back was going to break.

I’m starting with 10 sun salutations every morning. That’s this week. I intend to add something each week and join a yoga studio at the end of this to keep it up.

The dizziness, the tightness, the sweat. OY! It all felt good though. And I’m looking forward to continuing.

Thank you Frank from the Gas ‘n Sip for issuing this little challenge.