Oh, hello! I haven’t seen you in a while. How are things?

I’ve thought about blogging for a long time. Getting things out that I don’t need anymore. Not allowing “baggage” to reside with me against my will. I know I have started a blog at least 2 different times. At this point, I could not tell you where they are and what they are called. I did not spend a lot of time writing for those, but I did spend a lot of time doubting my writing ability and the thought that anyone would want to read what I wrote.

Recently I joined Twitter and found a whole wonderful group of people who seem to be just like me. Well, other than the fact that many of them are mommies. Luckily, birthing and raising wee people did not cause these lovely people, both moms and dads, to lose their senses of humor. In fact, most of them have wonderful creativity and blog themselves.

Lately, I have spent time trolling thru these blogs, starting at the beginning and moving forward. I feel very much like a voyeur in the lives of strangers. What I have found is that there are some amazing, brave, strong, exquisite, hilarious people who like to write. They have stories of joy and tragedy and mirth and heartbreak and unabashed happiness. And I, of course, being the festering, sniveling pile of self-doubt and insecurity, read these stories and again, feel inadequate about blogging. I have a very basic life with brief flashes of hysteria (see the shower/smoke alarm post) and why would anyone read about it.

Luckily, there are at least 2 people in my life who feel that I not only write well but also have something to say. Oh, I’m supposed to work the word “asshat” into the blog somewhere. I’m told that will help. 😉

One friend I have met, and one  friend I know virtually. Both of them I treasure and both of them make my life infinitely more rich. I know “the K2Kid” from work. We met about 3 or 4 years ago and instantly clicked. We joke that we are actually the same person, because we have so much in common. She makes me laugh like no other person I know. She is married to a wonderful man who is also kind and funny and smart. The K2Kid is kind and also scary smart. I’m somewhat intimidated by her intelligence. I have always considered myself to be fairly intelligent, but dang, the K2Kid is brilliant. She has encouraged me, almost from the time we met, to write. She has seen in me something I don’t see in myself – the ability to write and tell a story.

The other friend, Moo, I have never met in person. I know her only on-line and only for about a year and a half. Moo is younger than I but has lived more of a life than I ever will. She is the young, hip mom and has a wicked sense of humor. I laugh to the point of sore abs at something she says at least once a day, but usually far more frequently. Moo is also brilliant. She is smart and quick and sweet. Miss Moo has also seen in me someone who is good and worth knowing. She encourages me to write and tell my crazy stories. She’s even going to guest-blog here occasionally.

So, here I am writing on the internet. I hope people will read it. But you know what? Even if no one does, and it ends up being me just typing away, I’m good with that. I have people on Twitter who find me amusing, people in my life who encourage me, and cats who think I hung the moon. (Okay, if I stopped the treats, they’d kill me in my sleep, but let me live with the fantasy.) And best of all, as indicated above, I have at least two strong, wonderful, witty women in my life, who love me.

Wait until I tell you about about my friend, Vermont.

*****I just realized I need to clarify that the Moo in my story is not, in fact, the Moo from the name of my blog. One is furry and the other isn’t. (I think… as mentioned, I’ve not met her in person. hee! )