Hi kids…Sam’s out having lunch with Dad so I thought I’d drop by and fluff the pillows and open the curtains.  I’m Moo…Sam has agreed to let me stop by every now and then and pontificate in her blog…(It’s not as dirty as it sounds, sicko!)

Let me tell you how Sam and I “met”.  As you know, Sam is head Slurpee attendant at the Gas ‘n’ Sip.  Well, I am the beer stock girl from the Beer Barn next door.  And by next door, I mean about 2,000 miles to the left.  You know how people in the same industry make connections…I think it’s called “networking”…

Anyway, Sam and I started cyber chatting about nothing.  It was like a virtual Seinfeld episode.  We managed to make a connection at least once a day to expound on absolutely nothing of relevance.  But, after every time we made a connection, I knew I wanted to talk to Sam again.  And over the course of several connections, Sam and I began to share things that weren’t all fluff and glitter.  We shared some things that were real.

Now, with that said, we’d much rather prefer to discuss our disdain for Kate Goesslin’s bi level, multi striped, reverse mullet or our love for all things Jeffrey Donovan (you’d better believe that we have plans on how lure him into our lair should the situation present itself.)  And we are not completely in agreement on everything in the world (I mean…who doesn’t watch Dancing with the Stars???  Get with the program, Sam!)

But what I know for sure, is that I am so glad that Sam is part of my life…even if it is only virtually.  People don’t make organic connections as often in today’s world (Tell me…when was the last time you walked up to a stranger at Starbucks to discuss last night’s episode of “Castle”???) so it’s become quite normal to meet people online.

What’s amazing to me still is when you meet a person that is SO much like  you…who holds so much draw…who you feel connected with from the word “hello”…that’s when you get lucky.

Anyway, Sam has introduced me to lots of cool stuff that I genuinely enjoy…I hope that one day I return the favor.

Make sure you lock up when you leave…can’t have weirdos in Sam’s place touching her MacGyver collectibles.