Oh, hello. Sorry about bitching, but there are just some things that bug me.

1. Bad grammar. Unless English is your second language, there is no reason to sound ignorant. If you only speak one language, perhaps you should LEARN TO SPEAK IT CORRECTLY!!!!

2. “Nother” IS NOT A WORD! Saying “That’s a whole nother matter”makes you sound like a moron.

3. “Have a good one”. Really? A good what? Orgasm? Bowel movement? Day in prison? Why don’t people say “Have a good day” anymore???? Day has the same number of letters. Same number of syllables. Have a good one just sounds lazy and slacker-like.

4. People on TV NEVER EAT a real meal. The women take these dorky little bites and mimic chewing like they are eating a burger in one bite. It’s annoying. I understand that they have lines to say, but it’s just stupid.

5. Restaurant food, as shown on TV, is never as appetizing when you go to the actual restaurant. It’s usually smaller and just thrown together.

6. People who insist on talking to you but never let you contribute to the conversation. Um, don’t ask me a question or try to engage me in conversation if I’m just expected to sit and listen and nod and look pretty. When I have a conversation, I like it to be 2 way. I may have something important to say – let me try.

okay. that’s enough complaining for today. tomorrow will be a whole nother story though. heheheh