Oh, hello. Let me introduce you…

Seamus and Maggie. The Mag and Moo of the Blog name.

I adopted the twins from the shelter almost 4 years ago. They are from the same litter, brother and sister, and they will be 4 in August. They are tuxedo cats, always ready for a party. But mine have black noses. Most have pink noses.

Seamus, aka Shamu, Mucifer, the Destructor, is a fiesty little boy who loves to pick on his sister and snuggle with his momma. He acts all tough, but he is just a softy.

Maggie, aka Magpie, Maggie Mae, Sweetface, is a sweet little princess who is a total girly girl. Very dainty but she can totally hold her own against her brother.

How to irritate a cat:

  1. Shake the treat bag, and don’t give them one.
  2. let him get all comfy on your lap, just fall asleep, then start coughing.
  3. shake the cat nip tub, and don’t give them any.
  4. walk into the bathroom and DON’T turn on the water – because they are that spoiled and like to drink the fresh running water from the tap, rather than the fresh water in their bowl.
  5. sit in the spinny office chair, and when they walk by with their tail up, hold the tail and spin.
  6. wedge your feet under their bathrobe at the end of the bed to warm them, yet make their “bed” less comfortable.

I know many people are either dog people or cat people. I love either, but my house is too small for a dog, and my babies keep me company. They are sweet and friendly and loving, and I’m glad they are in my life.

If you are going to get a pet, consider adopting one from a shelter. It isn’t a “designer” pet, but they are pets who will love you, and will thank you for bringing them home.