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Oh, hello! I’d offer you something, but these pictures might make you gag, so I’ll spare you. But just this once.

Remember when I told you about getting my tattoo removed? And I would post pictures of it now? Well, here they are, but if you get grossed out easily, don’t look. I’ll put the least offensive one first.

Okay, they aren’t quite as gruesome small, but you get the idea. Try walking around with THAT on your leg. SO PRETTY! Even better, try getting a pedicure with it. The technicians get all squinky about it. I can’t imagine why. *heh*

OOO, and click on any of the above to see it bigger. (Hork!)

Also, this MAY NOT happen to you. Clearly, I went to a “doctor” who sucked ass. The last laser treatment I got was almost 10 years ago and I still deal with this about twice a year. If you want your tat removed, ask around and talk to A LOT of people to find out who is good in your area.

Oh, and if you have any ideas about how to make this *points to leg* better, I’ll try anything!!



Just wanted to leave you with something cute.

Oh, hello! Just getting the makings together for tacos. They will be up soon.

Yesterday? Sucked ass. Today? Much better.

I have been looking online for new tattoo ideas. I know I shouldn’t be, because I used to have one on my ankle and spent many, many, many dollars trying to get it removed. All it left me with is a 3rd degree burn scar, and some blue ink patches. It’s really pretty in the summer when the weather gets warm, and my scar gets angry and weepy and purple. Remind me to post pictures of it the next time it happens. Good times.

Two years ago at girl camp, I got a new tat. It’s a very proper kitten on my right back/hip. Not in the tramp stamp spot though.  She’s very pretty- with green eyes, and pink in her ears. She looks like my twins, too, with the white “blouse” on.

And now I want to get another one. Every time I watch LA Ink, I want to get one. I’m thinking of some sort of Celtic Cross, with a Claddagh, and a word in Gaelic under it, but I can’t find the perfect design, and I don’t know how big, or where. I did see a really pretty one of a Claddagh across the instep, but OMGoat that must have hurt!!

I’ll keep looking. Maybe by the time girl camp rolls around again in April, I will have the right design (and the money) to get it.