Oh, hello! Have some buttered popcorn!

I went to a movie tonight. K2Kid and I went to see Julie & Julia. We were both a little skeptical about it, because we don’t have the best track record when it comes to picking movies. We saw “The Women” when it came out. I think the theory was that it would be a good “strong independent woman” movie. Two words: SUH-UCKED!! It was awful.  Then we saw Mamma-Mia. Even the ticket guy said, “it’s not a good movie”. But we went into it with no expectations, and it was fun. I mean, how good can a 2 hour Abba video really be? It was fun, until Pierce Brosnan tried to “sing”. *shakes head sadly*

Anyhoo. Julie and Julia. LOVE LOVE LOVE Meryl Streep. LOVE even more Stanley Tucci. Not a fan of Amy Adams. We were thinking that we would tolerate the Julie scenes and really hope for more scenes of Julia. It was that way to a point, but the Julie scenes weren’t as painful as we thought. I haven’t seen Chris Messina, the guy who played her husband, before. I liked him. He was good. 

Meryl Streep rocked it, as usual. She’s so good. (Plus she got to wear kick-ass shoes!!) And she and Stanley Tucci, as her husband, are so cute together. He needs to do more.

So, the down part of the evening? Some chick sat directly behind me, and kicked my chair THE ENTIRE TIME!!! Excuse  me, are you 5?? Between that and the cackling, it was very distracting. I finally moved seats. She just crossed her legs and kept right on kicking. OH. MAH. GAH. Don’t make me punch you in the throat.

So, the point? This is a movie based on 2 true stories (that’s what the credits said, anyway) and Julie has a book out about he experience. I’ve picked up the book, thought about buying it, and couldn’t do it. It just sounded boring. K2Kid did buy it. She said she made it through 3 pages, and yes, it really is boring.  How did this woman get a book deal? I’ve read other blogs with writers who deserve a book. I deserve a book. I don’t know what she had to go through to get published, but mayb