Oh hello! We’re offering homemade chocolate chip cookies tonight. Have one. They’re still warm. 🙂

So random thoughts today… (*updated to tell you to stop reading. I’m boring today. Really.)

It’s Dad’s berfday today. I suck and forgot to send him a card. Rotten rotten rotten daughter!! I did call this morning but he was out, so after my last meeting today, I left early, bought him a cupcake and went to their house to hang for a while.  I get there, ring the doorbell… nothing. The car is there. I know they are home. *sigh*

Walk back to the car, dig out the key to their house, let myself in, knock on the inside door… nothing. Fine. I go in, the house is quiet, the bedroom doors are closed. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (picture Snoopy from the Halloween episode. hee) Cupcake into the fridge, note saying Happy Birthday, and I head home to sprawl in front of the a/c.

They called. Mum said he was very happy with the cupcake. So that’s good. Mission accomplished.


So, at the beginning of this month, I gave up coffee. 29 days in and I am still doing well without it. GO ME!!! I think I started drinking it again the last time I gave it up because I still drank decaf. This time, nothing. I’m doing okay. I know I’m definitely sleeping better – you know that heavy sleep where, when the alarm goes off, you have to sort of swim back to awakeness? (Shut up. It is too a word.) So I’ll keep up with that, and once the humidity breaks, I can start back up with tea.


I have curly hair. I’m the only one in the immediate family with it. And contrary to popular sentiment, I love my curls. The sister has thin, stick straight hair. She used to get perms. It didn’t go well. Did you ever notice that on makeover shows almost always straighten the hair of their curly haired “victims”. Why is that?? Curly hair is awesome. Granted, there are people who are blessed with the curl who don’t know the correct use of goop. Hair goop is critical for good curls. And if having curly hair is so bad, why do people get perms? HA! We win.

I’ve had really short hair and really long hair and have rocked both looks. Currently it’s short-ish. The only reason I ever feel like I might like straight hair is that there are some beautiful short hair styles that I can never have. Remember the blond chick on the first Melrose Place? I loved her hair. But, given a choice, I’ll keep the curls.


My friend, the K2Kid, and I started a list last year of things we wanted to do for ourselves. You know, as a way to improve our lives. We had committed to start something new every month. It could be anything – going to the gym regularly; read more; eat better; not use credit cards. That type of thing. We had a name for it, the SHIT list, where the SHIT stood for something, but for the life of me I couldn’t tell you what it was.

Anyhoo, that fell by the wayside for a while once we both got busy at work. But, we have decided to start it up again, beginning August 1. This time though, we’re going to do whatever it is we choose for 2 months at a time. Better chance that it will “stick”.  Since I have already given up coffee, and shredded my credit cards, I think I am going to eliminate sweets from my diet. I’ve done that before – for about 2 1/2 years. And then I slipped back into my sugar addiction.

It’s horrible to be addicted. My addiction, however, is not alcohol or drugs. It’s sugar. If I start eating it, I can’t stop. Even as I am recognizing the horror that is my gluttony, I still sit there and eat it. It gives me headaches. Every day. Literally. I have a headache every single day. (I mock people who call in with a headache. Tuck your skirt in, take an aspirin, and get in here. I’m not interested in picking up the slack of your lazy ass.)  (Migraines are a different story. Those suck and the sufferer should stay home.)

So here comes August 1 and I am going to try again. At least all of August and September, hopefully longer. Wish me luck.


Have I mentioned that I am on vacation soon? 7 more business days and then I am off FOR 2 WEEKS, BITCHES!!!!! I cannot wait. I probably will stick close to home, but honestly? Any day not at work is a vacation. I really want to walk everyday. And do a big cleanout of the closets and cellar. I was reading a book about getting rid of clutter, and the author wrote something I have really been trying to live by: If it’s not an ABSOLUTE yes, it’s a no. Meaning if it is not something that you love, enhances your life, or makes you feel fabulous in some way, it’s a no and you need to get rid of it. I have tried to do that lately. For example, I LOVE purses. Love them. I’m always looking for a new one. (Although, when I found the most recent bargain at Cole Hahn – a $400 for $59 – yeah you read it right! – I’ve stuck with that one for a while and it’s been good). But anyway. Since I read that quote, I have gotten rid of all but I think 4 purses. One I use every day; a winter one for every day; a weekend one; and one to cart in contraband to hockey games. Not bad.

Okay, you know what? I’ve blathered on long enough that I’ve lost my point and I’m boring myself! This post is crap. Sorry to have wasted your time. Have another cookie.

*goes to research something interesting to say*