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Daily Archives: 2009/07/15

Oh, hello! Club soda with pom wonderful? Coming right up!

The twins have a very tough life. Really. It must be exhausting to be them.

photo(2)Maggie want to go on a trip. But first….

photo(3)…she wants to get her nails done. Then that is so exhausting…

photo(4)…she has to curl into a micro-dot for a nap. Not to be outdone…

photo(5)…Seamus wants to help me with the laundry as a way to make up for…

photo(6)…needing to sleep off his hangover from the night before.

photoAnd of course, this is when they were getting along, napping together, and Mummy wouldn’t stop with the pictures. Maggie finally had to look back and ask me to stop. Seamus is looking very impressed, as well. *snort*