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Oh, hello. Iced tea and ‘Nilla Wafers?

What’s on your television? There is so much good stuff on in the summers now! Love that! Of course most of it is not on the regular networks.

Burn Notice – HOT Jeffrey Donovan stars. HOT Gabrielle Anwar costars. HOT Bruce Campbell costars. Its a crime show, it’s part comedy, it’s exciting. Jeffrey Donovan is Michael Westen –  a spy who got burned (fired) and makes a living helping out people using all his spy knowledge and stuff. More time needs to be spent with the camera on Mr. Donovan shirtless, but other than that. Gabrielle Anwar is Fiona – she is Michael’s ex and is hot and bad ass. She totally needs to eat a cheeseburger, but I totally have a girl-crush on her anyway. Bruce Campbell is Sam – Michael’s older spy buddy. He is v v handsome. And adds the much needed wit. Also, Sharon Gless (yes, that one! From Cagney and Lacey) is Michael’s mother. She can be a touch annoying, but also adds wit. If you aren’t watching Burn Notice, you are missing out.

The Closer – Kyra Sedgwick (Mrs. Kevin Bacon) stars as the police chief in LA. Her staff handles major crimes. Her team is experienced, quirky, funny, and fun to watch. Ms. Sedgwick is also bad ass and gives women a great role model.

In Plain Sight – well, here is yet another show with a strong, smart woman to emulate. Mary and Marshall are Inspectors with the Witness Protection Program. They help people relocate to Albequerque. There are minor characters that help round out the cast and the whole team is fun to watch.

Psych – James Roday and Dule’ Hill star as Shawn and Gus. Shawn has “psychic” ability – which is actually just acute observational skills, and Gus is his BFF and together they help the Santa Barbara police department solve crimes. Shawn is the comedian and Gus is the “straight” man, but they are funny. Also, there is a pineapple hidden in every episode. That alone is reason to watch.

Castle – I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! There are repeats on this summer, and they are just as good the second time around. And to think, ABC considered cancelling this show. *hard head slap for ABC execs*. Nathan Fillion, who is smokin’ hot, is Richard Castle, a crime novelist who is shadowing the lovely Stana Katic, a police detective, so that he can get stories for his next novel. If you have ever seen Nathan Fillion in anything, you know that he has a very wry wit, great facial expressions, and he’s pretty to look at. He is fantastic in this show. I’ll keep watching the repeats until the show comes back on in September.

I also still watch L&O CI – I’m really liking Jeff Goldblum in this show. I used to think he was quirky looking, but day-ummmm! He has aged VERY well. As much as I love Vincent D’Onofrio, Mr. Goldblum is quickly becoming my new favorite. (Sorry Debra!)

I’ve given Hawthorne a chance, but it’s not holding my attention, I think. Jada Pinkett Smith is a nurse who runs everything, but she seems to be everywhere in the hospital, all up in everyone’s business, and never gets tired. Now, maybe the hospital is tiny and that can be realistic, but…. eh. I’m not buying it.

I’ve also given Royal Pains a chance, mostly because I think Mark Feurstein is such a cutie. Normally, I don’t like characters like the brother, but for some reason, I find the brother amusing. It’s a good show, I guess, but again, it’s about a doctor who can cure everything and is exactly where he needs to be at the exact right time. Unrealistic, but not rocket science.

I guess that’s it. It might seem that that is alot of shows to watch, but the DVR is a wonderful thing. 60 minute program in about 43. Record everything and watch it later.

If you are wondering what to watch, try one of these. You’ll be amused for an hour.

Oh, hello! I think a wee dram of port is in order tonight.

Facebook? My Space? Twitter? Instant messaging? Is this really the way of the world? I joined MySpace about 2 years ago as a lark. I heard it was all the rage. Um, yeah, if you are a horny high school kid! I think I lasted about 6 months on that and then deleted my account because I felt so icky.

Next came Facebook. I joined that about a year ago. It seems to be a little better. I was able to connect with some people from high school. Although, now that I think of it, if I wanted to still be friends with the people I went to high school with, I probably would be. I have a feeling that most of them would probably feel the same way. I can see what people I work with are doing. But, again, do I really want to do that, either? I used FB quite regularly for a while, but then got bored with it. I know there are games that people love – bejeweled and mafia wars. One coworker has set up a bot at his house that keeps playing for him while he is at work. Really? Yikes. Now, I check in maybe once a week.

Twitter is one of the most addictive time sucks I have every come across. I joined Twitter in February of this year just to see what it was about. Like this blog, I started out slow. Then I got a few followers who seemed cool and now I’m addicted. I have “met” a whole community of people who are very similar to me. Whereas I often feel out of place around my job or family due to my snark and dry sense of humor, these folks take me as I am, and love me for it. One blessed, kind, sweet sole – who I won’t name our of respect for her privacy – has even offered to help me out of a recent financial situation. We have NEVER EVEN MET but she trusts me enough to be so selfless and generous. I declined her offer, but only because I find it so difficult to ask for and receive help. (That is a whole other blog post!)

Anyhoo. These three applications are called social media. But how, exactly, is this social? Sitting at a computer, chatting with people who may or may not be who they say they are. I don’t even have my real picture on Twitter. Or here. (That’s mostly because I HATE HATE HATE having my picture taken. I can fool myself in the mirror into thinking that I’m not as heavy as I am, but the camera doesn’t lie.) Honestly, I do try to be as much myself as possible, but I can’t say that about everyone.

I don’t know what the point of all this is. I guess that while I don’t quite get the “social” part of this, I am glad that I have the followers I have on Twitter. I believe them to be kind, real, friendly, and very supportive. I don’t believe there is any hidden agenda with any of the people I follow. It’s relaxing to me to be able to be myself. To be able to let my guard down because keeping it up all the time? EXHAUSTING!!

Oh, hello! May I offer you a Lorna Doone and tea?

I’m on vacation from the Gas ‘n Sip this week. Actually, it sort of started last Friday. As much as the Leg Jiggler bugs the snot out of me, he can sometimes do something very nice – like let me “work from home” the Friday before my vacation. We all know that “working from home” means sleeping late, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, checking in via email occasionally just to indicate that you are, in fact, putting in a slight effort.

The first question most people ask when they find out you are going on vacation is “where are you going?” Why do people always have to go somewhere? More importantly is, if I am going somewhere, why would I tell you? MYOB, honestly.

I have been fortunate enough to go away on some wonderful vacations. Paris was, by far, my favorite place. Of course, Ireland holds a special place in my heart, thanks to Mum. London was not my favorite, but due to the company I travelled with, more than the location. Given another opportunity to visit, I would very likely have a wonderful time.

The only problem I have with “going away” is that it’s exhausting! The planning, the travel, the desire to see everything, the jet lag, the unpacking, telling everyone about it, blah blah blah.  My favorite vacation locally was in Vermont. My friend, Meffa, has a condo up there, and visiting there is like going off planet. She doesn’t have cable up there, nor an Internet connection, nor the ability to make long distance calls without a credit card. Right after she bought the place, I took her dog and her keys and went up there for a full week. By the time she got there the second weekend, I was completely relaxed and totally news deprived. I had no idea what was going on in the world, hadn’t watched TV, had read 10 books, eaten locally grown food and felt wonderful. Vermont had completely de-bitched.

My only goal for this week off is to relax, read, and to get my ruffled feathers smoothed again. I have been feeling out of sorts lately, as has been made ridiculously clear in my recent posts. I hope to gather myself back together and feel like I have some sort of control in my life – BUAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! The only one whole has control of my life is the goat himself. But I still want to give it a go. A girl can dream, right?

I know the twins will be delighted to have me here. Their own personal servant. Taking pictures of them. Watching them sleep. They certainly have the right idea. Sleep when you need to, eat when you are hungry, forget the bad things right away. I think I will live like a cat this week. However, I am going to draw the line at licking myself clean. *shudder*