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Hi! Come on in. I don’t have much to offer you tonight. Cut up fruit – pineapple, cantaloupe, mango.


So, I had all sorts of plans about new posts to put in this lonely sad blog. However, I gave up July to help out my family, and work has been crazy.

Now, I’m fairly sure that my family has broken up with me. 

I’ll concede that some of them have reason to be angry. But in the past 24 hours I have been accused of some horrible things. And the members of my family who knew about the situation beforehand? They have left me swinging out in the wind by myself. 

This sucks. 

I am officially alone in this world. I know that we all are, and we all reach this point eventually, but this was an abrupt and rude introduction to self sufficiency. 

Now what do I do? All day, things have been popping into mind. Who do I list now as my beneficiary on life insurance? Who do I list as my emergency contact? How do I go about listing my house for sale in the spring? What’s the best resource for finding a new job?

Maybe some of these reactions are actually over-reactions. But as devastated as I currently am, there is a tiny little voice in there somewhere that is whispering that maybe this is an opportunity. If the people who are supposed to love you best are able to judge so quickly, perhaps starting over might not be a bad idea.

I won’t do anything in haste. Or something I will regret. And maybe in time, this will settle down. But the relationships are irrevocably damaged. Of this I am certain. 

So. What do I do now?