I’m back.

I’ve been listening to a book by Jill Smolinski called “Next Thing on My List”. Have you read it? I wasn’t sure how it would be – I was a little afraid of it being uber-chick lit in the worst possible sense.

But really? It’s pretty good. It’s the story of a woman finishing a “Wish List”. But it’s not hers. June was driving the car that was in an accident which killed her passenger. The passenger had a list of goals that she wanted to accomplish before she was 25. June decided to complete the list for her – at first out of guilt, but then as a way of changing her life. It’s somewhat predictable, but there are some twists that make it worth continuing.

Anyhoo. It got me thinking. I kind of want a list. Sure, I have a “bucket list” but that’s more of a “someday-I-wanna” list, as opposed to having an actual target date. Granted, I kissed 25 goodbye a long time ago, but what if I did a list of goals by 45? That gives me a year and a half, +/-. I think I could set myself some pretty aggressive goals if I had 20 months in which to complete them.

Could I do it? What if I don’t finish? Would I feel like a failure or would I still be celebrating the attempt? Am I just considering the list in light of my recent spate of life changing adventures? Am I trying to take on too much? Or is this just Scaredy Kat getting her way again?

In the book, the list contained 20 things – some are easy, some are profound. What would I put on my list? Would it be 20 things?

Would you do a list? Do you already have a list? What should I put on my list?

Challenge me.